Meet the Band: Mad After Dark By Sid Starling

Photo Credit: Mad After Dark

Photo Credit: Mad After Dark

I would like to introduce Mad After Dark! This band hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and is made up of the following members:

Chandler Shelton – Lead vocals

Cody Muldoon – Lead guitar, vocals

Thomas Cheek (Cheek) – Drums, vocals

Joey Patella – Bass, vocals

This quartet has been together for two years and created a buzz around the Cincinnati area. Mad After Dark is mainly a cover band with higher aspirations and added a few original songs throughout their show.

Black Out The Sun

I spoke with Cody Muldoon about the originals and he assured me that they are adding more and more to their sets. The original song Course Collision is well received and getting requests at their shows. Right now they are doing the cover shows to hone their skills and to get comfortable with each other in a stage setting. Cody stated, “I guess the best way to say it is we started out as a cover band, but with bigger things in mind. We understood that a good way to start making money locally is playing songs people know.”

Concerning their selections, Cody went on to say, “We all grew up listening to 90′s rock, especially grunge, along with classic and hard rock. In regards to gaining a firm footing in the Cincinnati area, we added cover after cover of grunge to our set list. We tried to keep our tastes open to suggestion in an effort to grow a larger audience. We have a mutual respect and admiration for good music, so there was never much of a disagreement. We started off with songs from Guns and Roses, some Foo Fighters, and some AC/DC. From there it just kept adding up.”

Mad After Dark did some showcase gigs to feature their originals and Cody stated that, “one of the best feelings I’ve had was when an unknown fan came up to the stage and requested the song Course Collision.” Cody added, “We actually developed a deeper fan base once we started playing originals. We took a while to start because I think we all wanted to make sure we were more musically mature. I’d always written songs in several earlier bands but I was not happy with it. Once we [Mad After Dark] came together it sort of sparked. We had to answer to one another’s musical questions. We feature three or four originals in every set with each set being about an hour in length.”


Black Out The Sun

The discussion turned to the song writing and who brings what to the table as far as style and substance. I asked about comparisons with originals to what artists or styles and here is what he related, “Well, it depends on which member of the band brought the song or the basic parts to the table. Chandler tends to write the heavier, more aggressive songs. They tend to have more of a hard rock, ala Slash-style. Cheeks brings the most metal into play. He loves thrash but adds in a more modern groove to a lot of things. Joey comes from a funk background, so his songs are more seductive, usually because of a funky bass line. My writing, both in guitar and lyrics, comes from a more general hard rock style. I have a strong background in blues as well, so they tend to be about heartbreak or lust over a woman.”

These guys are not just another cover band. They seem to have a game plan that I hope to see expand into a long career. Most popular musicians got their start in cover bands and I have personally watched some of them blossom into some of the greatest musicians in some of the biggest bands in the world.

While I was interviewing Cody, Thomas Cheek, the drummer, hit me up on Facebook and shared these words of wisdom for up and coming artists, “Watch other artists and see what they do. Study how they perform and who inspired them to play. Don’t copy your influence. Take his or her style and make it your own. Every time you perform put your entire heart into it and people will enjoy watching you.”

We here at SRO Magazine would like to thank the members of Mad After Dark for taking the time to talk with us and we sincerely wish them the best wherever their musical journey takes them. We certainly look forward to hearing some of their original music in the future.

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As always, keep those…



Black Out The Sun

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  1. Love this band… they are very popular not only with teens, but the 20-30-40 somethings. They have also did benefits for Suicide Prevention, Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon, and the Relay For Life Cancer Walk. They have great original music, that is going to send them far!

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