SRO’s History and Pains..  By Ryan Smith

     A lot of people don’t know how old SRO really is.  SRO was started back in 1997.  It was just me with the crappiest digital camera you could buy, and some business cards I bought at office Depot.  At the time, going to car shows, races was a little more not so mainstream.  It was really fun.  I had looked at AsianScene and SpeedMagazine…..And i really wanted to create a cool site that people could come to and think “wow this is a cool site”.  I wanted to be different though.

     I had a full time job so I would work on the site before work and after work.  My days became extremely long, since i’d wake up at 7:30 A.M., work on the site, go to work, work on it at lunch, come home and work on it until 1 am or so.  At the time I was always trying to come up with new ideas to make a cool site.  I didn’t have a team of programmers, and I barely knew html myself.  I would research online how to do things, and composed the whole site in netscape composer.  This one guy from India who had a cubicle next to me new some perl, so i had him work on things at work when it was slow.  His name was Ranga and he was really cool.  Also Ken Mack and Lucas Bradfield would do graphics here and there.   Ed Norrel also loved to write us articles.

     Our first big advertiser was Tokyopop.com.  So I eagerly signed up with them.  With banner advertisements the site would have some revenue coming in, so we would be able to do things we wanted with the site.  I was always spending money out of my pocket for going to shows, camera equipment etc.  I sold the main site to a company who still has the old domain but he literally shut it down. 21 years later SRO Mag is back online.