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Full Version: STOLEN BAY AREA: XR4 and Enkei Ewing Wheels
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Can everyone keep a look out for my wheels that got stolen off of my Corolla in Milpitas in front of Gorgeous Garage today. They are one of a kind and shouldn't make it too far considering they're a relatively rare size and color for the Bay Area. They're even somewhat rare for SoCal'ers. Please keep a look out. I suspect that the thief(ves) have been to Gorgeous Garage before because it is a shop that is not easily seen/accessed to, possibly be from the South Bay, and that the thief(ves) may possibly be other Corolla/Old Toyota owners.

The wheels are:
14x8 -13 XR4 Type A lip, silver face with black lip. Tires on them are 185/60/14 Yokohama ES100. They might've been painted over, since black lipped XR4 are considerably rare.

14x7.5 -6ish Enkei Apache Ewing, gunmetal face with polished lip. Tires of them are worn out Falken ZIEX 512 185/60/14. They look a lot like SSR MKII. They might still have the 20mm spacer adapater on them.

I will post pics of the wheels soon. I don't want any violence towards the thief(ves), but I do want my wheels back. If the thief(ves) leave the stolen wheels at the shop, or in the hands of a neutral delivery guy, all will be forgetten.

If anyone has any leads, please contact me at:
tmorales (at)

or my cellphone:
510 387-4083

[Image: stolen01.jpg]
[Image: stolen02.jpg]
[Image: stolen03.jpg]
hey whats up man, you remember me, andys friend with the corolla wagon. damn sorry to hear your loss but hopefully you'll get them recovered.. i remmeber seeing them at goregeous garage and they are rare/nice wheels. ill keep a look out around man. good luck