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Full Version: 93 civic dx hb [ Lite mods ]
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$2800 for the whole thing
lowest ill go is
-- Thats without the following --
HX Rims
Sub System
AEM V2 Intake
Polk Audio

freggin low for a good car. fixable. swapable. whatever. gas saver too!
sup hit me up
Car is now for sale for $2000
$2000 ------------
The car sometimes doesnt start.
But turns after 3 trys.
Might be
1) The battery has some corrosion
2) The water pump might be broken ( dude who installed short shifter said )
93 HB Still For Sale:
142k miles
milano red
blah blah.
check it out below:
( $ 1800 )
you should just throw an LS motor into it, and go budget turbo.
still have the car?
if the water pump is broken u shudnt drive ur car..
yea its in the garage just sitting there.. has alot of dust on the roof and hood well all over the car. last thing i did it with it was lower the car more..
tags = expired
insurance = none

so pretty much its a dead car. might as well make it non-opt
trade for a running primered 1990 integra DA? lowered, cd player, clean title. runs strong. only problem is it overheats sometimes when you stay at a stop for a long time. could possibly be the radiator bcuz i use to boost and i had to put a half-size civic radiator on, the water pump, or the headgasket. i am interested in trading for a EG HATCH cuz i really want one. let me know if you're interested. 510-377-5058. -Prince
still have the car? if so, email me at