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  Saw a badass FD at Rotary Extreme
Posted by: Raziel - 09-28-2005, 04:44 PM - Forum: Vehicle Questions, Chat, Showoff etc. - No Replies

Well my cars been down for about a year now and i finally saved up enough money to go buy all the parts i needed. So i headed up to Rotary Extreme to pick up some parts. Well while i was checking out what they had in stock i hear a deep rumbleing and thought to myself damn thats one sweet sounding domestic so i go outside to check it out and to my surprise its a FD. The guy just finished his ls1 swap into his FD and went to rotary extreme to check out some parts. I must say the FDs engine by looked sweet w/ that v8 in it and it also sounded awsome. I wish i had a camera to take some pix of it but he told me of a site that sells the conversion kit.


That was the first time i saw a v8 conversion in a FD ive only heard of people doing it but never actually seen it. It made me want to remove my rotary engine and put a ls1 in it too. Damn that thing must be hella fast. I was also told there are 3-4 other FDs in the bay running a ls1. Seven stock 8 will be awsome because its supposed to be for the rx8s but also there are going to be hella v"8" rx7s there too or so i hear.

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  Crx wiring
Posted by: Accent_tuner - 09-28-2005, 02:42 PM - Forum: Vehicle Questions, Chat, Showoff etc. - No Replies

well, i know for the most part the tech is gone on this site, but there has to be someone that can help me. I have a 1991 crx. the chassis harness was fucked up. I bought a 1988 crx chassis harness (it was all i could find). I only get right tailight, no rear turnsignals, no rear wiper, no reverse lights, fuel pump doesnt work. the 91 car has a plug with wiring leading to the back of the car, and the 88 harness has nothing to plug into it. what the fuck do i do to make this shit work? I already shelled out 200 dollars for this harness. buying another harness isnt an option. no one has any ideas, I cant find a decent wiring diagram thats of any use to me, and im getting pissed the fuck off. If anyone can help me out, it would be awsome.

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  Whatsup Mofos!
Posted by: LETZ RUN - 09-28-2005, 12:38 PM - Forum: Off topic and General BS'in - No Replies

I havent been around here for a while? Where is everyone? Whats going on? Didn't see too many names I recognize.

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  Site may be a little slow todya
Posted by: Ryans - 09-28-2005, 11:15 AM - Forum: Off topic and General BS'in - No Replies

i'm doing some real intensive server queries today so the site might be a little slow today. been working on some stuff since 7am.

Also, I might use a new front for the front page of SRO. What do you think so far?


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  Nawlins photoshopped looter video compilation
Posted by: BOB - 09-28-2005, 09:39 AM - Forum: Off topic and General BS'in - No Replies

Another great http://www.tamparacing.com masterpiece. This is a great add for Heinekin.

get it quick before it goes away

edit: Work warning for the NWA soundtrack.

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  Killed: by RSX-S Kill: My motor...PICS
Posted by: 510GSRHATCH - 09-28-2005, 01:37 AM - Forum: Kill Stories - No Replies

So, the first summer rolls along that i will be spending with my brand new Pearl White 95' Si Hatchback.([Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=10129&stc=1] ) After weeks of stress and labor fixing broken motor mounts and getting vtec to kick, it finally seemed like everything was running good.

Me and Deanh8 are on Montague Expressway at about 10:30pm cruising and trying to enjoy a finally fully functional car. About one stop light before we get onto 880 i pull up next to a nice new silver RSX types S. I give a nice little rev, wanting to test out the new generation of honda "k" power, he rev's back. At this point i know its on, and my feet begin to tense. As the light turns green we both get on the gas, I pull ahead about a car in in the end of second gear before i realize i have to get on the freeway. I signal and pull onto the freeway with the RSX in persuit. We pull into the far two lanes and have about 6 pulls from 3rd and 4th gear. Every third honk i jumped with joy as i heard vtec engage and pulled ahead :gamer: , but my joy was quickly short-lived, for every time when he hit 5th and 6th gear it was a hole new race, he basically walked all over me, damn those 6speed transmissions! :rant2: Finally, i decided id suffered enough bashings, admitted deafeat, and exited the freeway for home.

The next day i noticed a little white smoke coming from my exhaust, but being the dumbass that i am decided that it was probably just my gutted cat. :hammer3:

So, the next night i headed out again, this time for some actuall runs. The desire for speed overtook me. This is where the story starts to get hairy, i start out the night by loosing to cars that i had taken several times in the past (focus on the bottle and sohc turbo coupe) and my car was acting extremely funny. We quickly realize the problem was that i wasnt hitting vtec untill 8rpm's so we pop the hood and begin looking for signs of damage. Someone suggests that loss of oil could be the cause, so we pull the dipstick, to my amazement WE FIND ALMOST NO OIL AND COOLANT ON THE STICK!!!!!!:wtf: Im fully scared at this point and trying to think of what it could possibly be. White smoke, so i assume head gasket. Later on i find out upon removal of the head that i had cracked off a peice of the #4 Piston which in turn had chipped the cylinder wall. ([Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=10130&stc=1] )Confusedad3:

So, in the end i got owned by a RSX-S and I owned myself and my motor!

This is a real story, i actually have the vids of the races against the RSX, and vids from the night i lost to the focus and sohc turbo civic.

Positive: I got this now! ([Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=10131&stc=1] ) :thumbup

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  Modacar event coverage is up.
Posted by: Ryans - 09-27-2005, 09:27 PM - Forum: Site News and Announcements - No Replies

Modacar in Livermore had a great turn out from Honda-tech and JDM Theory. There where a lot of nicely done up JDM style civics and other import cars there. It was a very nice meet.

Image Gallery is here:

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  Anything happening tonight/anynight in the bay?
Posted by: vhalin - 09-27-2005, 12:34 PM - Forum: Nor-Cal Racers - No Replies

Hey im wondering if anyone knows of anything happening tonight/thisweek. Send me a PM. I think a few of you might have seen me. Heres my baby:

[Image: main.jpg]

about a month or two ago I used to be a regular over at the AMC theatre/In-N-Out.

Hope to see everyone out,

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  Any new movie out worth watching??
Posted by: tbkonwso - 09-27-2005, 12:24 PM - Forum: Music, Video Games and Movies - No Replies

im bored at work... thinking bout going to watch a movie later... anyone seen any good movies worth watching recently?

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  Gun Thread
Posted by: PhrozenLikwid - 09-27-2005, 11:42 AM - Forum: Off topic and General BS'in - No Replies

Given that our last thread turned into a clusterfuck, I created a new one in hopes that it will turn out better..

Anyone got anything new? I had some money burning a hole in my pocket, so I went and bought a new 10/22 and a M44 Mosin Nagant. The 10/22 sucks currently, but that is soon to change, as I'm ordering a Hougue overmoulded stock and a new barrel, along with getting some work done to the trigger and action. Hopefully I'll get ahold of a camera soon so I can take some pics.

Also at the gunstore was a real nice Norinco SKS. Sythetic stock, AR look-alike sights (can't remember specific brand) and sling. Real clean gun - 250$. I almost picked it up as well, but I'm thinking about paying the extra cash for a decent AK. Anyone have any dealings with AK's or their varients? Specifically the Saiga's? Anyone built one from a kit?

Edit: My 10/22 will look pretty much dead-on this gun, except I am using a Simmons ProHunter on mine (Green Mountain 20in bull barrel, Hougue stock, Knockoff Harris bi-pod).
[Image: 11311022l.jpg]

And for anyone who remembers the last thread, I ended up going with the sig 226 in .40/.357, which looks exactly the same as this gun, except for the Hogue wrap around grip on mine.

[Image: 976617538-1.jpg]

Anyone got any gun pr0n pics?

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