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Black Star Canyon - jc2nd5988 - 08-07-2002

What if anything do you guys know or heard about Black Star Canyon? Me and my friends went there one night a while back, but a cop rolled us out right away, I'm not even sure we were at the right place. Anyway I have a couple other friends that want to check it out again, just wondering if anybody on here has a story to tell. Post up stories or directions to exact location. Thanx

Here is something I found if anyone wants to check it out:

Black Star Canyon - Leets - 08-07-2002

... but I'm definitely down to check it out.

Black Star Canyon - my240 - 08-08-2002

Black Star is old... people actually live up there, so quit bothering them. I heard of stories of people getting shot at with shot guns (well a girl told me that and she was probably exaggerating). As for my self, I drove up to the house (past the shack which is pretty creepy looking) and in my haste to get away from the owners, I backed in to a fence. So now, I still have my battle scars after a year on my rear bumper.

Hmmm, a while back, 4 teenagers got tied up, raped and beat, didn't they?

Black Star Canyon - jc2nd5988 - 08-09-2002

So you went up there and bothered them, so now you come and tell everybody else to not do what you did. Hypocrite. Anyway the stories I have heard are 50/50. Half shit that the residents do(I hear they are pretty loony) and half ghost stuff. That canyon is also a huge place for bikers and I know they get bothered all the time by the residents. I figure they are dumbasses they own their property, not the whole fukin canyon. It's like I'm not outside with a shotgun pointed at every fool that passes by my house.

Black Star Canyon - Silver - 08-09-2002

i heard something about satanic things and ghost boys walking around. Always wanted to go there for a halloween scare.