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Team Numeric
uhh, anyone know anything about this 'team'? just askin cause i saw a civic at cal poly with a windshield sticker that read: team numeric 1. haven't seen em at the races or anything, so i was wondering. late.
You're talking about a silver civic, very clean looking. well that car is driven by girl, and her car looks better than her borthers, hahah. well she lives in my street and i have seen a few of their other members as well. I think they're a team in construction getting ready to hit the show scene more than the race scene. they have this one riced out car too, i'll see if the pictures i took came out and i'll send a copy to you.
Well, crap... sounds like they're biting Team1 a little. :p
... I just hope we've been around longer than them. Big Grin
yup, thats the car. thanks for the info.

Leets - dont worry, if comes down to a 'winner takes the name race' i'm sure you'll win=)

Actually team numeric one have been around for a long time, c'mon set that up, a race with team one vs. team numeric one.
does Nelly do their theme song?Big Grin
1995 Eclipse GS-T
Quote:Originally posted by LETHAL GST
does Nelly do their theme song?Big Grin


I'm more than willing to go out of my way to set this race up if you're down Leets? late.

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