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100 octane gas in socal?
Anyone know a good place to get 100 octane gas? Somewhere near glenoaks or sylmar?
ORW has 100+ octane. I think 100 is the lowest you can get unleaded. 110 is leaded.
I heard leaded gas burns a lot better, but it makes your cat goes to shit. So that's why I think they changed it to unleaded.
yeah, and it'll kill your O2 sensor and your cat if its not gutted.
Where exactly is ORW?
Theres a 76 station in pasadena that sells it. It's right at the very start of the 110. I think it's fair oaks. I also know there are a bunch of places down in OC that sell it. one even has 104
Quote:Originally posted by randomzx
Where exactly is ORW?

Off Road Warehouse is only here in San Diego.
You can use and use the store locator for race fuel.
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I know there's a 76 (Official Nascar Sponsor) at the corner of Gilbert and Commonwealth, in Fullerton, that sells "Racing Fuel." I've been meaning to go get some for my civic so it'll perform like a Nascar racer.:haha:

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