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EVOWERKS car show (7/20: Today)
Evowerks was SICK ladies and gents. You all missed out. My car was at the OzSport Tuning booth. I'll upload pics later... you can IM me at TURBO99vwjetta or email me at
P.S. The Blue E36 that's always in the 4th street garage at SJSU... I saw you today... LOOKIN' GOOD MAN! I like it! Last I saw your car, the paint didn't look too good... but now it's the cheese!
I missed it Mike, was busy working at home building a new fence. Congratz on your first place trophy and damn, from the pics it looks like it was fun. Too bad there is no nudity on this site cause the pics were REALLY nice. Wink

haha yea i was there today. that blue ferrari was sick. o yeah i saw your car too. that red jetta right?
Yep yep... that's mine. The Red Jetta.
Don't worry Tim... Maybe we'll see you at DubWar on the 18th, huh? Wink
i didnt get to go, but i saw pics my friend showed me, and yumm...Lorabel looked tasty. Big Grin
i rolled with streetwize....there wasn't that many girls... in the beginning...but in the was packed....
My car...
[Image: 11456731-2271-028001E0-.jpg]

Some other cars... just a few pics...

[Image: 11456816-d009-028001E0-.jpg]

[Image: 11448339-4ec9-028001E0-.jpg]

[Image: 11448313-bbe2-028001E0-.jpg]
my car. Excellent show. Too much sun. Too many cookie-cutter underaged wanton attention-starved "import-models" struttin around in their daisy-dukes.

[Image: beetle2.jpg]

[Image: beetle5.jpg]

[Image: beetle4.jpg]
i liked the show, very profesional and ehh for hte price it coudlnt be beat, loved the euro's kept me drooling indefinatley, i saw onesickVdubs are there and must i say it is very nice, i think i saw you there too das dunkel .. you were chillen under the garage with some girls paretns with antoehr white girl that had purple/blue hair.
Bay area turbo installs and fabrication.
log manifold/IC/dwnpipe.dmptube

93 b20 Civic Turbo- stln
91 all motor LS integra- sld
gizzer 4Dr- built & Turboed
i was really surprised by the turn out of the show... even though it was on top of a parking garage it turned out to be pretty good
Was the show free?
Quote:Originally posted by ONEsickVDUB

[Image: 11448313-bbe2-028001E0-.jpg]

thats not even a real german plate Sad
Quote:Originally posted by D-BoZ28
Was the show free?
haha yeah it wasBig Grin
is this the one at de anza college of the mostly euro cars? i think my friend was telling me about it..

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