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Help! Benen Industries car has been stolen!!! Please look inside!
Ok, Ken of Benen Industries just had his EG Civic hatch stolen from him. If you have ANY information whatsoever, please contact them at (650)994-2790. It has been featured in Super Street and Import Racer, its a very well known car. And if anyone tries to sell you some Benen Industries parts for your car, please call that number and let them know! Thanks!

Here is a picture of it:
Black 92 MR2 turbo on gold Advan RG's.
AGAIN!?!?!?!?!?!? man thats fucked up!! ken got the best lookin hatch ive ever seen in my life. shit good luck skooo/benen in finding the car. if you guys find out who them perps are lemme know!!!!!:mad: :mad:
Damn thats fucked up, why is Benen getting fucked with so much
1989 Crx Hf Stock Rolleyes
[Image: P1011267.jpg]

[Image: gumby.jpg]


Balanced and blueprinted JDM ITR Block (built by Erick's Racing)
JDM GSR head w/ITR cams and valve train
Max Bore Throttle body
JHP Adjustable Cam Gears
Benen Fuel Rail
GSR Fuel Pump
JDM 97' ITR Headers
2.25" 5-Zigen Exhaust system
High Flow Cat
JDM Intake Box
C&R Racing Radiator
Mugen Program ECU

PPG Sierra Pine Paint (inside and out)
Benen Carbon Fiber Duck Bill
Benen Carbon Fiber Front Lip
Benen Front and Rear Tow Hooks
JHP Carbon Fiber Hood
JDM Head Lights w/city lights
JDM Corner Lights
JDM Side Markers

16" Gum Metal RegaMaster EVO Rims
Yokohama Parada Tires
4 Wheel GSR Disc Break's
Brembo Slotted Rotors
Goodrich Stainless Steal Break Lines
Ground Control Adjustable Springs
-350lbs Spring Rate (Front)
-500lbs Spring Rate (Rear)
KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks
-Front Upper Strut Bar
-Front Cross Member Brace
-Rear Upper Strut Bar
-Rear Lower Tie Bar
-Strong Bar

Del Sol Seats (black w/green stripe)
Sparco Racing Harness
92-95 optional arm rest
Momo Steering Wheel
JDM ITR Pedals
Accord CD Deck

Alex Crispi
Chapter 11
216 California Dr.
Burlingame Ca 94010
(650) 401-6091
The car also has suede door panels, dash piece, and wraped momo steering wheel.

Thank you for the better pictures Alex, I couldn't get ahold of anymore...Do you mind if I use those pics for other message boards?
Black 92 MR2 turbo on gold Advan RG's.
Copy and paste the whole thing on every web site you know..Smile

Ok cool...I already posted it 2 times on this board and once on the Mr2 board, I'll move onto the 3si board and so on...Thanks for the pics/info.
Black 92 MR2 turbo on gold Advan RG's.
damm guys, so sorry to hear that. I love that hatch. I hope you find the hatch and the fuckers who took it and beat them down, shit ill help beat them down too if you find them. Ill keep a look out.

why is everyone jackin Skooo/benen shit for!?!?
Quote:why is everyone jackin Skooo/benen shit for!?!?
i think its causes we have some nice cars and people always want what they dont have. still hopeing that we will find it the way we last saw it............. fawless
that is FUKed, i can't beleive some stole that hatch, i hella jocked that hatch from the very first time i saw it. one of the only or few people that have matching in and out paint and sport it all metal at shows thats just badass, what a horrible thing to do....
Thirteen Twenty Street Performance
[From The Ground Up]
damn alex, another one bites the dust. i just seen ken's car last week. you BENEN/SKOOO guys need to garage your cars, or get lojack.
Damn sorry Ken and Alex... why u guys? Benen/Skooo never fukked with anyone... WTH? I know the feeling of having a car stolen, but damn.. this is getting WAY out of hand... I hope the car is found in the same flawless condition... good luck guys...
:mad: :mad: :grr: :grr:
4wd ownzzzz


:mad: :grr: :flip: :mad: :grr:
Black 92 MR2 turbo on gold Advan RG's.

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