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People who cannot ride, aka posers
You can tell if you cannot ride of if you're a poser by putting yourself through the following test. This generally includes people who hang out in front of coffee shops and go to car shows instead of putting their bikes to use for what they were intended for.

Look at your tires. If there is a strip that is at least 1 inch long on both sides that haven't touched the pavement or is still brand new and the centers are all worn, then you're a poser.

IF you fall into this category then may I make a few suggestions:

A. Grow some balls.

B. Grow some balls.

C. Stop working on trying to do wheelies and grow some balls.

D. Sell your bike and please, grow some balls.

If however the strips on the side of your tire are worn or are totally shredded as they should be, then this message is of no concern to you.
This is my first and last post on this board as I do not plan on coming back to a bike forum that is on a car site. Thank you that is all.
Quote:C. Stop working on trying to do wheelies and grow some balls.

ok, that makes a lot of senseRolleyes a bike is for whatever its owner wants to use it for, so people need to stop being so concerned with how others ride.:flip:
Squids are the only people I know who compare chicken strips. Lemme guess, you're one of the people who fly down 9 at over 100, passing cars over the double yellow, endangering everyone else on the hill, giving all sportbikers a bad name and think you're hot shit because of it. Sound familiar?
00 Jeep Cherokee - 4.0L I6
03 Suzuki DR650SE - 650cc Thumper
so u think u're a bad @$$ with your bike? i highly doubt u even use what it is for intended either!

Quote:Originally posted by Agent Orange
This is my first and last post on this board as I do not plan on coming back to a bike forum that is on a car site. Thank you that is all.
:haha: excellent response!!!!:haha:
my balls are most the smellious...
and all my balls are belong to me!:hi:
stunting is nota crime , check out to see if these guys are squidly.
I am pretty sure if the single intended use for the drivers of motorcycles to be assholes whereverer they were driving, then they might not be as popular. First off, hospital bills cost mad loot, second, bike parts cost mad loot(well not for me, but still aint cheap). And the thought of killing myself at the age of 21, because I am using my bike for its "intended" purpose, just does not go thru my mind sorry.
sac racer.... you're sig rules
lol nice user name import hater but why do u ride a honda.
#12's a RC51. Are you comparing it to one of Honda's cars? That's a no-no...
Indian? You don't consider the new Indian Chief an American bike? I'd say it at least counts as another choice...

The Powerplus 100 isn't much to write home about, but 1638 cc of V-twin isn't so bad, really. A heavy cruiser isn't really what you're going for, I'd assume, but's another choice.
Quote:Originally posted by Import Hater
My respect for the Japanese vehicles goes away when you put more than two wheels on them.

LMAO!!!! damn, that's a good one!!!
Indians were around earlier than Hardleys (Harleys) but it doesn't look they'll come out with a "sportbike" anytime soon.
actually, harley has built a sportbike, the VR1000. they tried to race em in the AMA supercross's for a while, but pulled out of the program in 2001. below is a picture of the street version, i personally think it needed just a little tweakin in the style department, but i'd still love to have one, just cause its a harley!!
:haha: :haha: he said it. screw a bike's name, i need something that performs. some harleys are shnazzy looking; but, they are still a bunch of low-budget --with high cost -- bikes that are waiting to fall apart.:flip:
I'm not going to try to defend the Chief, that's a lost cause. I just offered it as another option for an American bike...
Lets see, American bikes are slow, uncomfortable, and unreliable, they are all a bunch of toilets. You want a cruiser? Get an Intruder or a Vulcan, not a busted ass Harley or Indian toilet.
Quote:Originally posted by 93eclipse
Lets see, American bikes are slow, uncomfortable, and unreliable, they are all a bunch of toilets. You want a cruiser? Get an Intruder or a Vulcan, not a busted ass Harley or Indian toilet.

i don't know... i think those bikes are more comfortable than a CBR would be. if i had to go long distance, i wouldn't mind owning a Hardley Disableson or an Indian. :flip:
the ultimate cruiser i think is the ALL mighty goldwing, That thing is FUCKING HUGE. All it needs is a cooler and tow hook for jet ski haha jp.
comparing sport and crusier is a lost cause. sure comfort is an issue; but, some feel comfortable on a sport, and some feel comfortable on a cruiser. as far as the import vs. domestic debate, i do agree -- from buddies' experiences -- that you would find a goldwing to be more reliable than a harley. im not sure about indians standing in the reliability department. just a question that popped into my head: who the hell needs a radio on a motorcycle; what about an automatic transmission? wtf?:p
Radio? Let's not forget that the new Goldwings have six disc CD changers...:eek:
i've seen a Goldwinger put out his cigarette on his motorcycle what appears to be an Ash Tray :eek:
Yup...gotta love those Goldwings...
Goldwing is to Motorcycle as RV is to car.
Anyone realize that the shit talker that made this post aint replyin back? I guess he died from having BIG BALLS cuz i think he tried doing a wheelie and accidentlly smash the side of his Nut :flip:
Quote:Originally posted by Hotdog
i've seen a Goldwinger put out his cigarette on his motorcycle what appears to be an Ash Tray :eek:

no way...that'd mean he'd have to take his eyes off of the 21in TV mounted near the ignition. Thats just not possible.
although the Goldwings are equipped with ABS, does it also include front, and rear-side airbags? :flip: Confusedmileysex
Ok I found this thread very interesting that's why I just could not hold back!
I read through most of the replys and I will say a little something from the ones that I remember.
*Checking your tires.... 1 inch bald spot.....please....I would rather ride like I want to then go checkin shit out to see if I am a "poser" in some kids mind.
*Riding is up to the driver....I totally agree with that.....If you dont want to wheel-E....then dont.....if you want to pick your ass and drive with one hand cause "it hurts to bend over for a long amount of time" then so be it.

Truth of the matter is that I grew up on a bike, when I was to little to ride on the back my dad had me on the front. With a bike you have grown wings and you can go anywhere that you want. Dont let some chunckie pumpkin head tell you who or what you are..........Just Ride....

Lady J Rayvn
Um Lady J Rayvn has nothing to do with GI JOE, but I found that rather amusing.....
Like I said before I have been on bikes forever and a day, and my father always said, "It's not a matter of if you're going to fall, it's when and how hard!" So I try not to "hot rod" it around town cause like you said that will get you hurt, jailed, or ticketed, all of which I don't have time for right now.
I was riding a GSXR earlier this summer but it got sold due to winter coming in soon!
I said it before and I will say it again.....ride how you want to! It's your bike!
This reminds me of an old rap song.

"Real gangsta ass niggas don't flex nuts, 'cuz real gangsta ass niggas know they got 'em."

In my opinion, people who sell their bikes for "winter" fall under poser category. I ride year round..but I don't let the cold stop me...everyone is differant.
In Upstate NY if you can ride in the winter time you are pretty damn talented.
Seems to me, there are alot of attitudes, and people talking like they are fast in here. everybody has a different idea of what a squid is, but in the end we all need to ride our bikes in a way that makes us happy. One thing I did notice is that some you that are talking the loudest and like to put others down, need to look in the mirror. So what if you go to a track day, that doesn't make you better than anyone else. I noticed in all those pictures that your bike had no numbers, only taped up lights.......what is that! your not even a racer, your a street rider at a track. Put a number plate on that roach you are riding and go out with the real racers. don't worry though because most places make rookies wear yellow number plates. that is so the real racers know to be careful as they are passing you.....track days are like fantasy football,a poor substitute for the real thing and just simply lame.
Actually those chicken strips on the rears of a sportbikes tires mean two things:

a. Jack
b. Shit

It doesn't mean your not utlizing your sport bike to its full potential. It just means your responsible, safety conscience, and don't want to die by proving that by rounding off the edges makes you a better rider or a "non-poser"...the same goes for knee pucks.. Jeez, my tires have strips on them, but I change them out to 208gps when I am Willows or Thunderhill...and they only last one day. Am I still going to be considered a poser then? Haha..that is a good one!

A poser (usually called squid) are the ones usually looking at the rear tires of others...non-squids are looking through the next turn...hahaha..hey..I am getting my amateur plates..., but you can still call me a poser..its okay...Smile

Hey Bro'
Where will be racing at? When do you plan on getting out for the racers school? Have you done any track days? I am currently building a bike to race at Willow Springs by January. if your there maybe we will run into each other......peace

There are no squids on the starting grid, only racers....rob(formerly wsmc# 981)
most likely not, like I said I was planning on the start of the '03 season to have my bike done, my current project is kawasaki drag bike, that is where the majority of the disposeable income is going now. I will get out there with you though, i sense that you are calling me out. that's cool a little freindly competition is what it is all about right.
Let me know when you will there, maybe I will come out to watch, if your group allows that. It just might light a fire under my ass to get the bike done faster. The Streets of Willow is a blast to ride, wish i could make it.

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