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what a night.
Man, Sat night was a blast. Me and a few guys from Norcal LS1 were cruising around, and get to zanker to run. I started it off pretty badly, losing to an SS by about a car. We left, and hit up great america. I beat a blue trans am twice, a 99 or so GT, A red Maro, an older 5.0, and lose to a superchraged 4.6 cobra by about a car and a half. I start cruising home, and pop by dixon real fast, and some guy in a 5.0 cobraish thing revs on me, so we run, and he went down too. Thought id share the night with you guys
Speaking of Dixon Landing, Did you see that skyline get smoked by the supra??
I thought that was pretty cool...And then I got smoked in my 96 bone stock Accord 4 door auto EX by my friends Infinity SUV Sad oh well...anyways, Ill see yall this weekend
damn-it...the one night I decide to get smashed off my ass. oh well. Sad
DAMN THE NIGHT I GET KICKED OUT OF MILPITAS!!!!...poisoned pony told me there was some good runs...DAMNIT! oh well i hit up oakland runs with 98rt and mike. it was pretty cool, but ended too early.

Nice kills Chris...did you run Chris2000SS yet? He got another Centerforce tossed in it and is out with us again. What color was the blown Cobra?
if you are racing at dixon you have no brains. it is a known fact that fremont pd has a no tolerance policy against streetracing and just last month they blocked off dixon twice. so if u want to get busted go ahead and race there.
Aye K. yall was at oakland runz. what car was yall in . i was the Black Eclipse ...
yeah but, domestics never have trouble Smile. I ran Chris on the freeway, his bitchass pulled on me and he had three people in his car. Haha
HAHA...its all good man.Your stock...wait till you get a few mods under check those free ones out on We did them to his SS,along with his other mods...they work!

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