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what does A/R mean?
i seen the letter A/R whenever people are talking about garett turbos or some other brands, but i never heard it mentioned when talking about the mitsu turbos. what does it mean/represent?
1995 Eclipse GS-T
Different compressor housings change the turbine map of how the turbo makes boost. The lower the AR number(.42, .48, .6, .8 etc.), the less CFM it takes to get it going. Less lag also means less top end, you will eventually exceed the limits of what the turbo can push at your motors RPM. You want a good match for your engine.
i think that as stockspyder said it has to do with the blades on the wheel, my guess is that AR stands for Aspect Ratio this is the pitch of the blades, so the the lower the number the flatter the pitch so it would flow alot less.
okay i think i got it.
a turbo with lower A/R = faster spool-up, less top-end
a turbo with higher A/R = slower spool-up, more top-end.

Edit by Wolf:
Taken from

A/R =The Area / Radius ratio
A = Area of throat at intake
R = radius of scroll in the housing of either the compressor or exhaust turbine

TRIM -turbine wheel trim can effect an increase or decrease in turbine pressure for a given housing A/R

More turbo tech info:
1995 Eclipse GS-T

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