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FAQ - Engine Management
M48 Pro Specifications


Microprocessor 32 Bit 33 MHz with Time CO Processor
Quality Standard ISO 9001
Manufacturing Standard IPC-S-815-A Class 3 High Reliability
Warranty 1 year Parts & Labour
Burn In -50 to 70°C for 32 Hrs
ECU Control Software stored in updatable FLASH memory
High RFI Immunity
Low heat generation
Battery transient protection
Environmentally sealed electronics
Water proof connector with gold plated contacts
Case Size 150 x 100 x 36 mm (5.9 x 3.9 x 1.4 inches)
Weight 0.48 kg (17 oz)
Cylinders 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,12
Engines 2 stroke, 4 stroke, Rotary (1~4), Odd or Even fire
Maximum RPM >15,000 RPM

Fuel Calibration

Accuracy 0.00001 seconds
All RPM & Load sites are user programmable
Main Table (3D) 40 RPM sites x 21 Load sites (840 points)
End of Injection (3D) 20 RPM sites x 6 Load sites
Overall Trim ?9 %
Individual Cylinder Trim ?9 %
Hi / Lo Injector Balance (3D) 20 RPM sites x 11 Load sites
Hi / Lo End of Injection (3D) 20 RPM sites x 11 Load sites
Eng Temp & Air Temp comps
MAP modifier compensation
Two Auxiliary compensation
Injector Dead Time Compensation
Accel Clamp, Decay & Sensitivity
Deccel Clamp, Decay & Sensitivity
Cold Start


8 group sequential
User programmable injector current
0.5~6 Amps peak
Battery Comp to suit any injector

Boost Control Calibration

Main Table (3D) 20 RPM sites x 10 Throttle sites or 10 Gear sites
Overall Trim
Engine Temp & Air Temp comps
One Auxiliary compensation

Ignition Outputs

Up to 4 Ignition Outputs
One output may drive up to 8 coils using the MoTeC Ignition Expander
Versatile Ignition Interface allows connection to most OEM ignition systems including :
GM EST DFI systems
Many Others

Ignition Calibration

Accuracy 0.25 degrees
All RPM & Load sites are user programmable
Main Table (3D) 40 RPM sites x 21 Load sites (840 points)
Overall Trim ?9 %
Individual Cylinder Trim ?9 %
Rotary Split 20 RPM x 11 Load
Eng Temp & Air Temp comps
MAP compensation
Two Auxiliary compensations
Dwell Time 20 RPM x11 Battery
Odd fire engine capability Each Top Dead Centre angle may be specified Resolution 0.5 degree

Trigger Sensors

Directly compatible with most OEM trigger systems including :

HALL, Magnetic and Optical types
Multi Tooth (eg Mazda and Toyota)
1 or 2 Missing Teeth (eg Porsche)
Many other special types, eg. Ford Narrow Tooth, Nissan Optical, Harley Davidson

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

High accuracy Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Input (Optional)
Range 0.75 to 1.20 Lambda
Resolution 0.01 Lambda

Other Sensors

Throttle Pos, Manifold Pressure, Engine Temp & Air Temp
2 Auxiliary Sensor inputs
2 Digital / Speed Inputs

Data Logging

Optional Logging memory allows logging of all ECU parameters
Memory Size 512 KByte
Logging Rate 1~20 sets / sec
Logging Time 38 minutes at 5 sets / sec (28 Parameters+Diags)
PC Software is available for analysis of the logged data

Special Functions

Traction Control & Launch Control (2 wheel speed sensors) (or 4 sensors using the MoTeC TC Mux)
Gear Change Ignition Cut
Wide Band or Narrow Band Air Fuel Ratio Control (3D mapped)
Over Run Boost Enhancement
Warning Alarms (Sensor HI / LO)
Gear Detection
Ground Speed Limiting
Dual RPM Limit
Nitrous Oxide Enrich / Retard
Air Conditioner Request
Over Run Fuel Cut
Sensor Calibration Tables
RPM Limit Hard or Soft Cut Fuel and / or Ignition Cut

Auxiliary Outputs

Four general purpose outputs (2 shared with ignition outputs)
The outputs may be used for :

Turbo Wastegate Control
Idle Speed Control
Fuel Used Pulse
Tacho Output
Shift Light (Gear Dependent)
Driver Warning Alarm
RPM / Load dependant device
User Defined Table (20x11) with definable axis parameters
Slip Warning
Fuel Pump Relay
Thermatic Fan
Air Conditioner Fan or Clutch


Injectors Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Peak Current Not Reached
Sensors Open & Short circuit
Operating Errors RPM Limit Exceeded, Injector Overduty, Over Boost, Low Battery, REF Error etc.

Operating Conditions

Internal Temp Range -10~85°C
Ambient Temp -10~70°C (Depending on load & ventilation)
Operating Voltage 6~22V DC
Operating Current 0.4 A max
Reverse Battery External Fuse


PC Software is available for calibration

Telemetry Link

Optional Telemetry Link allows real time monitoring and data logging
i have worked with damn near all of the stand alones- here a quick review-

Accel DFI- cheap, easy to understand..the calmap software is cheap $230.00 last i checked) and cake to wire..last i checked the basic ecu was round 1000-1200 depending where you bought if..if you are a dealer/shop you can get wholesale

Speedpro- developed by the same guys who brought you DFI- but sequential and a good evolution..price varies

zytec-early 90s CART type stuff..a bit more difficult to understand but really flexible and you can findem used

haltec-cheap, relatively reliable, but used to have limited plotting and mapping..theyve changed it dome..not my first choice for a turbocar either

electramotive- good,cheap, i dont personally like it but its gotten better,

simple digital systems- canadian only seen one car with it, but it looked easy to use at sacrificed capability

motec- my fave and last i checked you could buy a four cylinder motec m48 for round 1800, it is a bit higher buy in but its soo easy to use and so well supported there isnt any other choice.

weber/marelli- hard to find in this country but this is an awesome system...a bit pricey think around 2500.00 but i could be wrong..think it may also be marketted under the name Alpha

as a side note nearly all the ecus use either GM or Bosch sensors.. motec have some specific ones but even they can be adapted.

the new Plug and Play systems from AEM, the Z_DYNE, and Jim Wolf Tech are good solutions for street cars..but arent really much cheaper

if you are considering a stand alone or a piggyback consider this-
by the time you buy and install all the components needed to control a high performance engine you could have bought a stand alone and had it programed

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