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Team Prestige Rumors.......
I just wanted to clear up any rumors that have been flying around a couple of websites. My Name is Felipe and President of TEAM PRESTIGE. First off I would like to clear up:

YES- We are looking for new cars to join.

YES- We are still the same team from years ago.

The other things I did want to clear was "WE ARE NOT" the same team PRESTIGE on the website at "whatever whatever dot com". We currently have no website and are in the process of one at the moment. Second "WE DO NOT" just take any cars off the street. Our enrollement of a new member needs to have a major upgrades from stock for street class and major upgrades for show.

For more information respond to this thread or feel free to e-mail at:
you guys both race and show? or just show? props for some clean ass rides...keep it up guys.
What you need to DRIFT: :headbang:
1.) FR car, or front engine, rear drive.
2.) Enough power to spin the rear tires, which isn't much.
3.) Balls of steel. This is very important.
Thanks man I appreciate it. We do both actually..... We have a good number of show cars and also are preparing to represent at the track pretty soon.
what are the major requirements to join in the team? perfromance wise and show wise? any specific car can join or are u looking for a certain make and modle?
I'm looking for cars that are really different in style, creativity, and what really looks good to a show car. Basically very little stock parts. Also too personality to get along with others is very important as well. If interested feel free to e-mail me and I'll be glad to run you down on the main requirements. Also note too I am really trying to stick to mainly import show cars, show bikes, and SUVs. Sorry no disrespect to domestics though.

hello everybody
HI everybody!!!
what's up man if you are looking for new cars let me have a shot at it i have a '03 but im trying to go show and race so let me know
03 what.........
sorry i have a '03 toyota spyder
Anything on it yet or are you just getting started.
Just getting started i'm saving for the veilside fortune body kit but its hella expensive so it might take a while

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