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909 meet for everyone
Where: Diamond Bar, CA
When: Sunday Dec. 12th @ 11AM-?
Who: All Invited
Why: Cause we can
Address: 24105 Sylvan Glen Rd.
Diamond Bar, Ca 91765

Aight all this is gonna be tight. Theres a lil spot over here in Diamond Bar. The place is called Peterson Park. It has BBQ Grills, 2 baseball diamonds, soccor field, and for all the skaters a nice size skate park. Plenty of parking so no worries about that.

Lets make this a good sized meet. This will be also posted on,, and, and if you wanna post it on another sight i have forgotten about go right ahead.

Directions: If your coming from the Los Angeles area take 10 East to the 57 South. Exit Temple and make a Left. Go 3 lights and make a Right on Golden Springs. Then go 3 lights to Sylvan Glen and make a Left. The park is on Right.

If your coming from Orange County take 57 north and exit Temple and then make a Right. Directions are then the same.

If your coming from the I.E. take 10 West to 57 South exit Temple and make a Left and follow the same.

Hope to make this an enjoyable day for everyone. Nice rides, good BBQ, and watch some crazys kill themselves at the skate park.

Hope to see you all out there.

Oh let me know if i left anything out. There should be about 30-50 heads there we are trying to get more...brought to you by:
You might want to put a contact number or e-mail so people will know what to bring!
[size=2] [/size]
that's right down the street from me! there's usually a lot of people on Sundays though, so some of you guys might have to park in the street.
1995 Eclipse GS-T
Diamond Bar?! Awwwwwww. I just wanted a bar
ShadyMilkman Wrote:Diamond Bar?! Awwwwwww. I just wanted a bar

hahahaha i heard that haha
"dont hate me cuz you aint me" :ermrofl: :hehe:
damn about time theres a meet down here ive been in the 909 for a month now and theres i finally hear theres a meet goin on ill be there
Hmm...I dunno. I always feel out of place at Honda-type meets.
Come, Join us on track!
(right click and save as)

FIRESTARTER Wrote:Maybe you dont understand, so ill spell it out barney style, with the crayolas and shit.
Me too. Too much bling bling shine fo eva.
HoNdA BLiNG BLiNG ShIne Fo' EvA!!!
Not to mention tons of stuff that'll get jacked.
Screw racing, that takes too much work! It's WAY easier to look fast than go fast!:wiggle:
why do you guy always have these things when there is racing going? i will be at LACR on Sunday, but i will try to stop by.........i will be the guy on the bike.

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