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my S2000 got STOLEN from davis
hey everyone, i know that alof of you don't know me but i used to be an OG poster/former moderator back in the days. i would really appreciate it if people could please be on the lookout for my CAR PARTS. my car was stolen from in front of my apt. and it was parted out. i drove (past tense) a '01 YELLOW HARDTOP S2000 and here are some pics and a list of what was jacked. please be on the lookout, thank you! feel free to email me at or im me on AIM at: hey its stefunny, if you hear anything. i'm especially pissed off about the seats because i loved them and because they are so vintage, if anything, please let me know if there is anyone selling any ERGOs because they are hard to come by. if a mod could please sticky this thread for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

-SPOON: oil cap, radiator cap, strut bar
-AEM: cai
-HONDA OEM: yellow hardtop, trunk, door panels, rear right tail light, front lip
-VIS: carbon fiber hood
-BRIDE: ERGO seats and rails

[Image: IMG%5BIMG%5D%5D]

[Image: s2kside2.jpg]

[Image: motor2.JPG]

[Image: motor1.jpg]

[Image: brides2.jpg]

[Image: seats.JPG]
-bozz performance
damn, that fucking sucks. Sad I also go to UCD, and I think i've seen your s2k before. anyway, sorry about the loss. A guy on H-T just recently had his CLEAN ASS c5 ej8 stolen in downtown davis, too. luckily it was recovered without anything missing. police found it out of state. hope all goes well for you. thieves need a goddamn hot rod of iron shoved up their ass.
good luck in finding it ill be on a look out in the bay area
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damn that sucks.... i hope you get it back
such a nice car. ill be looking out in the 510/925/408
too many e-racers here
Damm Steph, i usually surf craigslist all day at work....ill be on a look out for your parts. Good look on finding the fuck who grabbed your shit....fuckin thieves....

it "looked" really nice too from the last time i seen your s2k..

I remember sitting on those seats like 3-4 years ago at Bozz performance...haha..they were NICE. but a G...


since a yellow hardtop S2k is pretty rare, it shouldn't be "too difficult" to come by. best of luck finding your lost baby! Sad
thanks guys for the support. this whole situation has been so fucking stressful - i don't really expect to recover any of the stolen parts but hopefully the bastards that stole my shit will slip up. hopefully they can be tracked since i'm sure they'll be selling my shit sooner then later. thanks again guys, ya'll know my AIM so if you wanna see the pathetic shell that was formerly known as my car, lemme know :hi:
-bozz performance

I remember seeing your car at some of the past Q-Cup meets in Milpitas a couple of years ago. I'm just curious on how do you get around or did you have another car as a daily driver.

P.S. Sorry to hear about the bad news & hopefully everything will work out fine you know.
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damn, that sucks.. i'll hit you up later, steph.
Ill keep an eye out for ya here in the bay.
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damn that sux steph......sorry to hear.
the 707 area :holla:
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someone selling s2000 tail light, s2000 door panel, and a spoon rad cap
says its for integ though

not suggesting its this guy but i was looking thru craigslist and found it peace
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damn.. this is the first time i been on here in hella long and i see this.. sorry to hear
sorry to hear about it dude. i seen the car before when i was in davis with some friends. hella clean. like what was said before, hard top s2k is rare and i'll look out in sac and stockton area.
91LudeSi Wrote:someone selling s2000 tail light, s2000 door panel, and a spoon rad cap
says its for integ though

not suggesting its this guy but i was looking thru craigslist and found it peace

i've seen that doods ad for a while now, but it doesn't hurt to check up.
I've seen your s2000 around town a couple of times, that's a really nice s2000
i used to live the 408, i'll see if any of my contacts know anything about this ,good luck on your hunt
omg..thas sux steph...i hope u remember who i am

well im sorry for ure loss

KARMA is a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw..wut the hell is the wing thing under my name??
4wd ownzzzz


damn so sorry to hear about the s2k .. well ill be on the look out over here in the 925 .. but seriously keep in touch wit local tow yards and dmv or police cause check this .. my friends car got stolen on a 26th .. and was found on the 29th and no one notified them of the car being found til the 4th of febuary they got a letter in the mail from dmv saying that the car was recovered on the 29th .. !! we kept in touch wit the cops and everything called all the city and they said that no they have no word on it .. WHICH WAS A FREGGIN LIE .. it was in a tow-yard for a week and my friend had to pay a unessacary fee when it wouldnt have been that much if the cop would of call and giving notice that it was found earlier .. i swear some cops can give a rats ass about our precisous imports .. but yea ill keep on the look out for shure
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wow i havent checked sroforums for over a year and now i read another stolen car thread. my eg hatch w/ a fresh b18c swap was stolen in front of my apt at oakshades 2 1/2 years ago and was never recovered since then. i betcha its the same car jackers. think of it this way, you are given a chance to upgrade to something better/newer =) i know i did.
That car would be so easy to spot with that bright ellow, why would anyone steal it? Anyways, I feel your loss.

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