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STOLEN BAY AREA: XR4 and Enkei Ewing Wheels
Can everyone keep a look out for my wheels that got stolen off of my Corolla in Milpitas in front of Gorgeous Garage today. They are one of a kind and shouldn't make it too far considering they're a relatively rare size and color for the Bay Area. They're even somewhat rare for SoCal'ers. Please keep a look out. I suspect that the thief(ves) have been to Gorgeous Garage before because it is a shop that is not easily seen/accessed to, possibly be from the South Bay, and that the thief(ves) may possibly be other Corolla/Old Toyota owners.

The wheels are:
14x8 -13 XR4 Type A lip, silver face with black lip. Tires on them are 185/60/14 Yokohama ES100. They might've been painted over, since black lipped XR4 are considerably rare.

14x7.5 -6ish Enkei Apache Ewing, gunmetal face with polished lip. Tires of them are worn out Falken ZIEX 512 185/60/14. They look a lot like SSR MKII. They might still have the 20mm spacer adapater on them.

I will post pics of the wheels soon. I don't want any violence towards the thief(ves), but I do want my wheels back. If the thief(ves) leave the stolen wheels at the shop, or in the hands of a neutral delivery guy, all will be forgetten.

If anyone has any leads, please contact me at:
tmorales (at)

or my cellphone:
510 387-4083

[Image: stolen01.jpg]
[Image: stolen02.jpg]
[Image: stolen03.jpg]
Fucking bastard thieves. I'll keep an eye out for you TJ
"Racing makes heroin addiction seem like a vague longing for something salty" - Peter Egan
The thieves will be caught easily i hope.

ill keep my eye out too. i have quite a few "drifters" come through my shop.
Aww man TJ ...

I'll call in an airstrike if you need it, bro.
someone sticky this plz
Come, Join us on track!
(right click and save as)

FIRESTARTER Wrote:Maybe you dont understand, so ill spell it out barney style, with the crayolas and shit.
rare ass wheels man, 80's style huh! punks can't get too far! I'll keep a look out in the valleyman.
Thief has been caught
now time to string him up

sweet, did the popo catch him, or did you catch him?
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
How did he get caught? who' was that mofo? where does he live?
werd is he tried to sell the wheels to a guy in the AE86 community
who then contacted TJ
the police where there to arrest the guy
who has been known in other forums to steal 240SX's and now AE86's

His name is Mike Alverez from east oakland/san leandro

if you see this guy in person go ahead and feel free to cap his ass


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