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CVC code mistake or is it? (Confused)
Ok this cop, obviously was a dick, because it was the very fist time i ever was pulled over! I barely pulled out of the store and not more then 20 ft i was pulled over, im like damn... then i realize my lights werent on. After him giving me the ticket he tells me its gonna be like $20 bucks, and gives me CVC 24400 so im like cool.
Then a few days later i get a letter from the police department saying it was changed to CVC 24250. Im like uh whatever, then the next month they send the bill for both CVC's the first one was $10 for the 24400 and the second one was $120 24250. for the mistake in CVC or w/e.
Anyways im like wtf, i dont have 120 buck. Also, i looked at the CVC for each, and i quiet dont understand them.

If anyone could help explain each of these CVC, I would appreciate it.
First, the cop was a "dick" because it was the first time you were ever pulled over? Not sure I understand the rationale behind that one. I take it the cop was supposed to know this and either let you go, or ignore the violation? Did you have a big sign on your car saying "I've never been pulled over before" so the officer would have an idea ahead of time?

Second, the CVC says:

24400. (a) During darkness, every motor vehicle other than a
motorcycle, shall be equipped with at least two lighted headlamps,
with at least one on each side of the front of the vehicle, and,
except as to vehicles registered prior to January 1, 1930, they shall
be located directly above or in advance of the front axle of the
vehicle. The headlamps and every light source in any headlamp unit
shall be located at a height of not more than 54 inches nor less than
22 inches.

24250. During darkness, a vehicle shall be equipped with lighted
lighting equipment as required for the vehicle by this chapter.

The officer had the option of using either section. Generally, 24400 is used when someone has one headlight lit, and one out. 24250 says equipped with "lighted lighting equipment" and therefor perhaps more applicable. 24400 can be an equipment violation subject to repair and sign off. 24250 doesn't really deal with whether or not they work, but whether or not they were lighted. If you got a courtesy notice for each one stating the fine, then my guess is that the court got the original citation, issued the fine notice, then got the amendment from the officer and issued another fine notice. Your only option is to make a court appearance, or at least go to the traffic court clerk, and find out which one you have to pay. My suspicion is that you don't have to pay for the first 24400 one, but the second amended 24250 one.

Third, one of the reasons officers frequently pull people over for driving without headlights is that DUI drivers do this a lot when leaving a bar or restaurant. It is a violation of the vehicle code in most states but generally used more as a reason to take DUI drivers off the road and save lives.

Lastly, I would also remind of of an old saying; "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar". Something to keep in mind when asking questions and appearing in court.
SgtGrant, would you say that an officer is rather unlikely to cite you for a head/tail light that is out if you deal with him in a respectfull manner?

Sometimes lights just burn out....and in the case of tail-lights, you likely wouldn't know.

Don't they usually give warnings...and if they get you again within a certain time period, then issue a ticket?
Yes, attitude does play a role. The purpose of a citation is to change behavior. If an officer thinks a person genuinely didn't know their light was out, and believes, based upon their attitude, that the person will rectify it quickly, then maybe a warning is sufficient. Sometimes it depends on what you are doing at the time, where your are driving, and how you were driving as well. It is the officers option and your interaction with the officer can have an impact on the officers decision process.
I got pulled over for a CVC24250. I was at a "Street Race", which was BS. I was in front of DNR and at 3 am there whole crew just happened to be there playing Basketball out front. Some guy in a muscle car came and revved the hell out of the place then ran out of gas.

Anyhow I was leaving because I was tired and all these police come flying in because someone at the apartments called about the domestic guy. As I was leaving I didn't notice I had only my parking lights on, 10 more seconds and I would have noticed.

SO I got a 24250, which is a moving violation too. When I appeared at the Hayward court I pleaded guilty with explanation. Some judges will hear you out. So I told the judge I put on my parking lights by accident. He was pretty nice so he reduced it down to the 24400.
attitude is everything Angel
No matter what you do , spend or tinker on with your ricer,

i think i got the same ticket -.-

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