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So what happened to the white civic that crashed on sat night?
dude wrapped his car around the tree at brotherhood. was coming down from the freeway and looks like he lost control. the bumper was in the firewall pretty much drivers door was bent in half. anyone know what happeend
How about you post this in the proper section?

Moving to NorCal...
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FIRESTARTER Wrote:Maybe you dont understand, so ill spell it out barney style, with the crayolas and shit.
was the civic comming from the runs? or just a random civic
every week, theirs a thread where someone got injured or went into critcal condition in the norcal section.
cause we a soldier
ITRdungsta Wrote:cause we a soldier

what does your post have anything to do with a white civic wrapped around a tree?
90 240sx still ka powered
ITRdungsta Wrote:cause we a soldier
you dont know the first thing about being a "soldier"
Jay Taylor
I got a mustang and I like to go around corners...
but my car dosnt...
V8R Wrote:Byron is a commie fascist vegan Big Grin

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