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Norcal Meet: Feb 26. Milpitas CA
When? February 26, 2005 @ 7PM to when ever


Angel Body and Paint
1365 Minnis Circle
Milpitas CA 95035

Why? We're just tryna have some fun!

We're gonna have a DJ up at the body shop and might live band play a few songs. You guys are welcome to dance at your will because we are going to empty out the garages so everyone can walk in and have some fun.

I might have a few people come in and roll in and put their cars inside the garages just to show off. PM me if you want to have your car in the hanger.

There will be plenty of parking so don't trip about finding parking.

Our main goal is to have AT LEAST an 80 car turn out. Minnis Circle has alot of parking, especially on saturdays.

PLEASE behave yourselves. Be considerate and keep this meet safe for everyone and keep in mind THIS IS BEHIND THE POLICE STATION. No donuts, burning out, parking lot speeding, or excessive revving. etc. Please DO NOT bring any personal beef with anybody to this meet. We all want to have nothing but good clean fun.

Hope to see you all there.

note: any info could change at anytime, keep updated

Clubs/Forums invited:
VW Gruppe

and more to come...

**Please PM me before you post this on other forums so I can approve. There are certain boards that I don't want coming because they're brought trouble to previous meets and seem to have bad reputations. AIM: J2 supra man/onepolnt8t**

AC, want your car showed?


My other user name is JtWo..but I forgot the
Bump and up it goes!


My other user name is JtWo..but I forgot the
night meets are great.
i hope your meet goes good.... milpitas cops suck... they got hella pissed last friday at the q-cup meet..
I have ALOT of connections at MPD. I got some family that are cops and shtuff Wink


My other user name is JtWo..but I forgot the
I got love for my import community .. Bump it all the way up for you .... Let me see if I can drop by support your meet ... I don't want to make promises ... I rather be silent and come ... Talk to much doesn't bring anything ... Peace mang ...
I'll be there to take pictures of this event and meet new tuners
booyaka! sounds like a plan ;]
hehe .. wow milpitas .. whatta lovly place to have it i still member at the big ass q-cup meet where the cops just waited til we left and chased us .. lolz ... man o man good times in milpitas .. but yea Strictly Performance and some fellow EBI peops mite roll throu well see wassup .. good luck with the meet dude .. oh yea and all yall that go there .. !! get some mexican food right by there its freggin hella good and cheap !! .. its a little bright mexican place before you get to the meet .. for those that are tired of boba and chicken !! =P
SRO Staff |team kOnfuziOn | East Bay Imports | Original Honeys | Project RIDE . net
Bump for 1 week till the meet!


My other user name is JtWo..but I forgot the
DJ might be arriving late, anyone wanna cover for him?


My other user name is JtWo..but I forgot the

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