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Tein Type-HE coilovers
these are supposed to be designed for drifting. I was wondering if anyone has them and if you you like them? how much different are they from normal suspension when driving normally?
the HAs are...and thats what i have for my never running FC..
when my car ran..they worked awsome
Tein has a lot better custmer servise compaired with some other coil overs..but tend to leak after some miles...
but to rebuild...its like 75 bucks a shock..and custom valving and spring rates are easy to get a hold of
Jay Taylor
I got a mustang and I like to go around corners...
but my car dosnt...
V8R Wrote:Byron is a commie fascist vegan Big Grin
if you can afford jic go with em, other wise teins are great for the bang-for-the-buck value.
JIC USA has terrible support, I would get for the new tein super drift, its like 1300 for 10kg/8kg spring rate
I just bought megan racing coil overs..they are pimp! 8/6 springrates.. great for daily driving, and track.

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