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Bar-B-Q Meet and Show on March 5th, 2005
Everyone is invited to a Free Bar-B-Q and show This coming March 5th, 2005. Come and down and show your ride, get some free food, and check out the new Weapon-R location. They're having an open house so you can come down and check out their products and projects they are working on.

SRO will be offering a discount on all products in stock there, so if you see something you like you can pick it up there.

This should be an exciting opportunity to meet the folks at Weapon-R and see what their all about.

This is open to all car enthusiasts so please post this on other forums.

Saturday March 5th, 2005
Phone: 1-650-877-8280 Fax: 1-650-877-8290
11-4 PM.
rye are sure there is free food .. heheh member at RACETUNE there was suppose to be food but there was like very limited and stuff ... heheh i uno well see sounds hella fun thoe .. and plus still wondering if there is a D1 on the 6th because i heard it from one of the drift boards ... so yea
SRO Staff |team kOnfuziOn | East Bay Imports | Original Honeys | Project RIDE . net
D1 is Feb 26th. They said they're going to buy food.
no i heard from around that there is gunna be another D1 on march 6th out in frisco .. you can also look on the drift unit site .. it says it there on the events list .. heheh "crosses fingers"
SRO Staff |team kOnfuziOn | East Bay Imports | Original Honeys | Project RIDE . net
Yeah, there is (I did look up events in CA while I'm gonna be out there...)
BLA BLAH Wrote:civic cvcc yellow the yellow ones are the fastest
^^^crazy vid
Well this is on the 5th so it's all good.
My Hyundai group will be out there Smile
for larger groups, please email email to RSVP so we know where to park you guys, and get a food count etc.

It's this coming Satuday!
I sent Ray an email yesterday, we should have close to 15 cars coming.
Wait, I see you have a different email listed, should I sent one to this other person also?
I think either one should be fine.
Great turn out. Here are the pictures
It was a great turnout, glad to see so may clubs out there representing. The food was plenty and was great as well as the raffle. Our Hyundai people won two of the main prizes as well as some hats....way to go Hyundais! Smile I would like to thank Weapon R for putting this on and look forward to more events!

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