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Got in a crash...
I got in a crash the other night, it was the other person's fault. They were driving on my side of the road and I swerved into their lane and then they came back as well and hit me head on. Nobody was killed or serisouly hurt, but my Jeep is totaled, and my knees went through my dash. I also got major whiplash (obviously) and now I can't get a job at a local dealership due to having an accident on my record. My question is this: Can I sue her, and if so, how do I go about doing it?
Why would an accident that was completely someone else's fault prevent you from getting a job at a dealership?

Do they think you're unlucky?
Does that person have insurance? I heard you can sue them if they don't have insurance. But that shouldn't prevent you from getting a job.
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I thought any accidents you're involved in get reported to the DMV, whether or not it's your fault.
An accident where you're not at fault shouldn't prevent you from getting a job. That'd be like saying "Welp, I got rearended by some old lady in a Crown Victoria last night sitting at a red light........looks like my career is screwed"......If you have injuries that keep you from working, or that keep you from doing what you normally do outside of work, and it is established that it was her fault, you can sue her. You need to hire a lawyer, before her insurance company tries to settle with you. Good luck.
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xDamieNx Wrote:I thought any accidents you're involved in get reported to the DMV, whether or not it's your fault.

That is true all of them do, but as i hate to agree with Rebel thats shouldn't prevent you a job; even if the crash was your fault, but it wasn't. Go ahead try to sue them, but if your jeep is totaled sue them for a new car.
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS (Soon to be sold)
I thought that was what insurance was for? *the new car part*
I can see how it will prevent you from getting a job at a dealer ship. Its like having a criminal record. They will see that you have gotten into in accident, and think that if they hire you to a position that requires test drives, etc. you would be a liablity issue.
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It shouldn't do that if you aren't at fault (see the thing about the old lady and a crown vic). Second, apply to a job that doesn't require the test drives, and if you do good, and don't get in any more accidents (see: drive carefully) then they might consider letting you do test drives.

*I do not know much about this, so if I am wrong, someone correct me...*
Good luck.
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i thought you're supposed to "play chicken" until the very last moment and then swerve to the right in that situation? that's what i learned in traffic school heh
Alright, I figured out that since the accident wasn't my fault (at least the insurance companies haven't said that yet) I can still get the job, like you guys said. The only other thing is, are they gonna screw me on the value of the car? Some people have said that look at the same car that's for sale in my area, others have said they go by blue book. I just got done putting a little under $500 into the thing, but I only have one reciept. What can I do to get the real value and the money back for the stuff (stereo, speakers, tires, tint)

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