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My WIFEY now rolling on Teins/VOLKS!
I know! SHITTY PICTURES! Better ones will be posted later, just got picture happy once I got the car back for the it getting lowered at GRUPPE-S! The car is dirty from the rain and my shutter speed was waaaaaaaaay to FAST, sorry for the crappy pictures! BE NICE! :eek5: :lame: :rant2: I know the picture quality sucks!

So on Valentine's Day :cuddle: , I decided to surprise my wifey and NOT get her the dam typical roses and dinner thing BUT instead do something better.....Do IT SRO STYLE and get my lady some rims for her 2004 Accord EX COUPE V6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup

Searching on craigslist, ebay, local shops was sucky and I couldn't find anything that I really liked - I saw some AXIS that I "KINDA" liked and then found some used GEWALTS on memoryfab but then came across some beand new VOLK GT-7's in the box at a shop 2 blocks from my house (Gruppe-S) in the size I wanted (18") , I originally wanted 19's but then saw the price for 19" tires and was like...."NO F'in WAY!" :eek4:

So be kind and let me know what you think....the rims are 18" VOLK Gt-7's and the caps are the "VR" series and not the "VOLK" ones....Gruppe-s gave me a good deal for what they had in stock so I really didn't care for the either/or....

Again, try to keep the hate posts to a minimum! This is not a "track" car or a JDM THEORY show's our daily driver (40 miles a day) car! No intake or exaust parts, just a nice quiet commuter car!


[Image: wNjgxMTQyNnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]
[Image: wODIwOTc4NnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]
[Image: wODIwOTgwNnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]
[Image: wODIwOTgxNnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg]

thanks guys for looking and be sure to leave your feedback/comments!
looks cool. ( good )
those hole screw things look wierd though ( bad )
-- :thumbup: --
Those wheels are nice.
damn looks clean! i wish i had the money to buy my gf some car parts.. let alone buy my car some parts!
Keep them coming!
good idea, what was her reaction?
not low enough offsets.. but thats ok I guess, most cars have rims tucked in too far. (I do)
nice setup
I spend my lunch money on mods
should of went 19's
nice car.
what did she say?
she was expecting a trip to Hawaii or a new set of outfits! LOL Confusedad4:

"BUT" did like her surprise and I'd rather get her wheels/tires than spending 4 days in Hawaii - I can't be away from my kids that long! LOL Angel

we seem to commute in her car now to wrk instead of my DB8 - she like the way it feels and drives.

Ernesto Jr
aim= esjuniorse
i also got my wifey new shoes for her car she luvs its better then rolling on donuts :thumbup
12.6 @106 mph ALLMoToR eg_unit
Project B
DTR FAB :thumbup
Rcrewracing :thumbup
Spoolin Performance :thumbup
Official Rota dealer and distributor
check out the wheels a WWW.ROTAWHEEL.COM
pretty clean rims.

now just watch out for the homos who try to steal them
too many e-racers here

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