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FS: 1984 VW Rabbit. $450!
Time to let go of the Rabbit. Progress has been slow and I'm pretty strapped for cash right now.

I bought it in March from someone who mistreated it cosmetically, and drove it home from Orlando, and it pretty much sat there ever since apart from the occasional drive. Back in July, I took it out for a drive and it started to make a funny sound. Since I was about a mile and a half from my home, I just turned it around and brought it back. The carb was flooding the engine with fuel, and it was driving like crap. Ever since then, it has sat in my garage (sheltered from our many hurricanes last year).

I made a substantial amount of money during the hurricanes. so, this October, I decided to buy a new engine. I picked up a 2.0L 8V out of a Jetta III from Bow Auto in NH and a 2Y 5-speed out of an 89 GLi with a new Peloquin 80% Shim Kit and A1 mounts from a member of the VW Vortex. Simply put, I don't have the time to do this swap and would rather not just turn it over to someone else to do the work without me being able to inspect it along the way. The engine and transmission are also on sale.

So here's the specs on the car.
1984 VW Rabbit L (4 door)
Flat Light Blue exterior
Navy blue front seats, no back seats or carpet.
1.7L engine (converted to carb by previous owner). Automatic Transmission
Odometer reads 134k, however I have not been able to verify this

The Good
Body is in nice shape. Not rusting. Only damage is a smallish dent on the right rear fender.
Car DOES turn on and start (however, it is not in driveable condition)
Mirrors have been replaced to stock location.
Extra set of unmodified tail lights with harness is included (not installed)
Scooter Racing front lower tie bar is included (not installed)
Hatch struts still work
Car has a CLEAN Florida title.
All glass (except windshield is in good condition)
Transmission shifts smoothly
All the fuel injection parts are included (not installed. not sure of working condition)
Pimp 80's steering wheel included!

The Bad
Car will not drive you home in current condition
No interior apart from front seats and most of the dash.
Rear suspension made a slight clunking sound (probably from old shocks)
No stereo equipment
Crack in the windshield
Turn signals do not work (bulbs work when using hazards, but not when using turn signal)
Possibly has a small exhaust leak

Ok, so the question everyone wants answered...Price?
VW Rabbit: $200.
Engine: $150
Trans: $150

Buy them all and I'll take $50 off. That's $450 for the car, the engine, and the transmission.

Like I previously stated, you could probably not drive this car home. I will try and accomodate as best as possible as far as pickup/delivery goes...but can't guarentee I can bring the car on you.

Also, I will not ship any of these things

[Image: vw1.jpg]
[Image: vw2.jpg]
[Image: vw3.jpg]
[Image: vw4.jpg]
[Image: vw5.jpg]
[Image: vw6.jpg]
[Image: vw7.jpg]
[Image: vw8.jpg]
[Image: vw9.jpg]

2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege - Daily Driver.
1984 Volkswagen Rabbit L - Project Road Race Car

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