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Wowzers! ouch + 80mph exit tully rd =
:lame: Wowzers! 80mph + couch + 80mph exit tully rd =
Passenger side bump is hanging.. plus the headlights are loose like crazy.

ill have a picture but it doesnt look too bad.
if you goto Tully Rd exit coming from south. there should be a couch somewhere there.. -_- didnt even see that sh*t coming.

oh well just wanted to share my crazy story. Smile
wow that's the first.. are you ok?
yea.. was crazy though jeez right side lifted or so it seems. my gf is all calm about it. im over here shaking :-\
plus the other hatch behind me almost hit it too. saw in my driver side mirror the couch flung from my right to the left and he swereved out in time lucky guy.

People really need to tie there stuff much better.
damn that sucks.... at least your o.k.
james4o8 Wrote::lame: Wowzers! 80mph + couch + 80mph exit tully rd =

Hey what color was the couch ... was it red ... hope not!?
couldnt really see it :-\
was going to fast plus i was looking at the green civic on front of me lol.
i was like.. " no wonder he swerved "
2 seconds to react and stuff.. couldnt swerve out of the way or i'd loose control.
I was helping some people move a couch 2 days ago but we lost it on the freeway (not my fault)... it was in different area though, but u never know!
yea :-\ i mean its not there fault but damn.. oh well Smile im alive and my car is still driveable! just saying. my gf ran over a ladder and she has a 91 civic with like 13" rims.. its low.
haha dams 13in rims dats dam low haha, shit i hit a tire on the freeway lost my font plate and f..ked up my front lip there goes my 4 months old paint job dam cal tran they need clean up the freakin freeways
yea.. lol we were going to move that ladder but looks like my gf dragged it all the way to the side :-| its all good for her car since she has a rubber bumper.
i wonder if its still there... ill go check it out haha. is it coming from north or south exit to tully?

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