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VX Rims My car shakes!! =(
I recently bought some VX rims and now when I drive me car vibrates when im driving fast. (80 -90MPH) Is this because the tires are all different!? there the same size though except for the back left one I cant tell.

Oh and What do you guys think about VX rims? Do they look alright?
wheels could be bent or unbalanced.
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All the tires have alot of tread left on them its just that now my car vibrates. you mean the rim itself is bent?
Yup, the rim itself could be bent. Check all your tires maybe the tread seperated on one of them.
vx rims are some kool light rims for hondas..... but as for the wobbling, are you sure its the rims/tires thats the cause of it? i would check tread first.... and also make sure you tightened the rims correctly
the guy who sold um to me came by and said i probably need to get the tires balenced. any idea on how much that would cost?
about 20 buks.
some chinese wheels come from the factory a little off. No wheel is perfect, usually they're about 3mm off. This Enkei rep told me that when he worked for Ford he was getting them about 1mm off and people were complaining that there was vibration. So he just went back to 3mm off.

Anyways if the wheels have the weights on them then they've been balanced. You could need new tires or they wheels you got are bunk.
heres my gf vx rims on her civic :wiggle:
[Image: DSC00004.JPG]

shhhhhhhhhhh :eek4:
i didnt post it!
^^ my post :-\ ^^
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