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Good Tints 4 reasonable price
Does anyone know of a good place to get tints at? Im looking to have mine done and I dont want purple looking tints that'll bubble up in a few months. If andone can give me info id appreciate it!
theres a thread about tints couple spots down.
oops. ok thanks
There's this place called SpeedZone, it's on San Bruno Ave. in San Francisco (not in san bruno) and i got 7 windows done for $170 no bubbles and they have a 1 year warranty on their work. Pretty good place. the number is (415) 330-9668, tell them your friend just got his car done for $170 because they'll probably try to charge you more but you can bargain.
Also check out omega tintworks in pleasonton i dont have the number on hand but they do really, really good work. very professional.
'04 Subaru WRX Wagon
'00 Suzuki Bandit 600S
this place tintonwheels came to my house and there's a lifetime warranty. he's been doing it for a while and it was pretty cheap
^thats crazy. just like delivery haha
too many e-racers here
i did tinting once for a customer, i bought a kit of of ebay for real cheap. took out all of the windows so i could do an a-1 job. anywho its been almost 3 years and its still holding up. i used material like this. . it took me only about 2 hours total to do 5 windows.
Vince @ Omega tintworks in Pleasanton
Mention iClub (impreza club) for discount
He's really cool and has done 3 cars for me
thumbs up for Vince. Ive known this guy for years and years and hes always done my cars as well as many of my friends. really high quality.

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