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This is impressive!!
This is pretty impressive.. I can only hope to put down these numbers.

4 things come to mind:

1) 42 more cubic inches
2) 91mm turbo vs 88mm
3) Solid roller motor vs hyd motor
4) 6 speed vs auto
I love notchbacks.

Tampa racing is a good site, kind of reminds me of what SRO should've become. Lucky for me it's also local.
Nice. Does it matter which gear you use on a dyno pull?
that powerband kind of sucks
01Dakota Wrote:Nice. Does it matter which gear you use on a dyno pull?
i was wondering that too, last time i had my volvo dynoed the operator went through 1st and 2nd easy then hit it in third.
you're suppose to use the gear with a 1:1 ratio. usually 4th
HungryHippo Wrote:that powerband kind of sucks

That's why I am building a solid roller.. Should have no issues spinning to 8k.. Turbo probably wont hit full spool until 4,500 or so, but that will leave me 3,500 useable rpm.

Speaking of which.. I think someone shrunk my Summit Confusedad4:

[Image: turbopic02.jpg]
[Image: turbopic01.jpg]
[Image: turbopic03.jpg]
[Image: turbopic04.jpg]
[Image: turbopic05.jpg]
is that a holset?
his power peeks at only 5800 though. i think your extra cubic inches should help a lot
I bet his is getting choked somewhere in the intake track and being a hyd cam he isn't able to rev it. I bet if he got a good single plane intake and switched to a solid roller that thing would make power to 7k+

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