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Anyone with a paypal please look :)
hey. i got 5 dollars and need to put it into my paypal account. anyone with another paypal account. i will give you my $5 dollar bill and you transfer 5 dollars to my paypal account.
1) im not scamming you tard.
2) im not scamming

yea whatever just need my 5 bucks in my account so i can buy my damn side mirrors from ebay lol.
pm me if you want to do this. i live in san jose. we can meet at your place, my place , a lan center whatever. just as long its in or around san jose area.
why not just deposit the money to the bank account where your paypal account is linked to? Anyways, i got school this week, but if i'm free, i'll give u a holla and i'll do it for you.
i dont have a bank account though.. but i can send and recieve money through paypal Smile its like my bank account but not really. plus you need like 100 for a deposit for a bank thing.
usually that is just intial deposit for a bank account. then you can take it out the next day but just have atleast some money in the account.
hmm nevermind.. i just got the balls to open a checkings account.. since its free Smile they said i can link it with paypal. so i guess we can just delete this topic. thanks!

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