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EAF AfterDark - San Francisco, CA 6/25/05 [carshow]
from what i understand about the judging was they had one person for each type of car. i.e 1 judge for civic street, 1 for scion and on and on...
Pierre, Not sure if you knew but Extreme Autofest tried to make up for the Team Quantity mishap. If you look on their site, they threw up an Incursion logo and gave you guys a congrats. Makes for good publicity. Go Incursion!
yeah judging kinda sucked guy was trying to give me pionters on how to fix up my car heh :eek5: :lame:
Hey Phil... Thnaks I din't see that. They must have just done that, thats pretty kool of them. But I think they should have said something about Team Showcase giving the trophy to us. Great sportsmanship of their part... Thats still nice of them to that on their web site... :thumbup
1 phat toy Wrote:I have second doubts about doing their shows anymore... The people running the show were excellant... V for getting all my teams car in... and David thanks bro. Props to team Showcase I will not forget this.. Thanks to Mike Datu and his Team....

Pierre. I believe 3 Mustangs attended but it doesn't change anything. If the people running the show were excellent, you wont need to worry about the next show. We'll fix it. There will be strict guidelines for judgingi. Once again, PROPS to Mike Datu and Team Showcase for stepping up and Team Incursion for taking BEST TEAM QUANTITY[13 cars]. If anyone has any further questions/comments concerning this show, please email me or Thanks for your support!

Mike Denoga
and new judges will be nice

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