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2 Brothers Killed in Oakland runs last night
Not sure if they were really at the runs but according to this article they were. This is jacked up.

Two brothers were shot to death and a third man was wounded as they watched an illegal race on the isolated streets near the docks of the U.S Naval Supply Center in West Oakland early Sunday.

Salvador Lascon, 27, and his 20-year-old brother, Fernando Lascon -- who were best friends and lived with their mother in San Leandro -- were pronounced dead on the 1400 block of Middle Harbor Road, south of the Bay Bridge toll plaza.

"To lose a son like this is horrible," said the men's mother, Maria Lascon. "But to lose both at the same time is something I can't believe has happened to me."

About 2:40 a.m., a man approached the Lascon brothers and demanded they turn over the keys to their father's white 2000 Honda Prelude but then quickly shot the younger brother with a handgun, Oakland police Sgt. Robert Nolan said.

Salvador Lascon then asked the gunman something like, "What'd you just do?" Nolan said. "And he was shot for his trouble. It's horrible."

A 19-year-old bystander who was hit by an errant bullet drove himself to a hospital, said Oakland police Sgt. Derwin Longmire.

The shooter fled without the Lascons' car, and there were no arrests in the case by Sunday afternoon.

Rowdy, late-night "sideshows," where people gather and party as they watch cars spin in circles and peel out at inner-city intersections, have drawn increasing attention from Oakland police. Three men have been shot dead near the car rallies since December.

But Sunday's killings came during a race like the ones featured in the movie "The Fast and the Furious," for which participants prefer isolated streets and post lookouts at entry points. Street races occasionally have been reported on country roads and in isolated business parks around the Bay Area.

Salvador Lascon worked at a body shop, Little Red's Automotive Collision in San Leandro, but police and family said he went to Middle Harbor Road as a spectator.

His wife, Nidia Amaya of Fremont, knew something was wrong when he didn't arrive to pick her up from the Oakland airport Sunday morning. About 6:30 a.m., Amaya, 24, who was coming back from Las Vegas, called her mother-in-law's house, where Salvador Lascon and their 4-year-old son, Christopher, were staying.

"When they told me what happened, I went numb," said Amaya, who separated from Lascon about two years ago but remained in constant contact and had dinner with him at least once a week.

"It was totally out of character for him to be there. I know my husband's habits. That's not him. He's a homebody. He's very mellow and likes to be with his son and stay home with the family and barbecue in the backyard."

Fernando Lascon planned to apply to study engineering in Texas, Amaya said.

The two brothers had a barbecue and party at their mother's home Saturday night before deciding to go to the races, said a cousin who witnessed the shootings.

"Me, Fernando and another brother had been to the races about three times before, and we decided to check it out one more time and have some fun," said the cousin, who asked that his name not be published for fear of his safety. "Salvador had never been to the races and told us to wait for him while he (briefly) took care of his son."

The cousins arrived at the street show about 1:30 a.m., according to the cousin, and hadn't planned to stay longer than 30 minutes. As they talked about leaving, the shooter, whose car was parked next to theirs, approached, according to the cousin.

"He just flipped out. He started kicking the quarter panels of another car and then goes up to Fernando and said give me your keys," the cousin said. A fourth man, a friend of the cousins, was asleep in the car at the time. "Then he just shoots Fernando. Salvador said, 'Why'd you shoot my brother?' Then the guy shot Salvador too. I got scared and ran off. There were a whole mess of witnesses, but every car around me left."

Salvador Lascon Sr. said he loaned his car to Fernando to drive it to a Cinco de Mayo celebration in San Jose on Sunday. His sons were not involved in drugs, heavy drinking or gangs, he said, and he had warned them before about the dangers of going to the street races.

"I just hope justice will take care of this because now my grandson has no father," said Salvador Sr., 47, who lives in San Lorenzo. "My grandson is the one who will suffer the most."

Amaya said she didn't know how she would tell her son of his father's death. She said she still couldn't believe her husband even went to the races.

"Everybody knows about the races," she said. "What I know is not to go near them."

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yeah it was at the streetraces saw the news report it was right on the road, everyone goes to, to race
90 civic hatchback- project car
2001 integra gsr- daily driver

that sux!.....
I heard it was an asian male and there were no witnesses comming forward!.....
whhat has the world come to?!?!?!.....Yoou cant even watch a race or go clubbing withOUT FUNK!......Nowadayz everyone has guns....makes me think about getting one and carrying it with me just for precautions!......Theres alot of ways to live your life but only one way to die!.....
oaktown getting worst and worst
dammm that shit is crazy
rizz Wrote:that sux!.....
I heard it was an asian male and there were no witnesses comming forward!.....
whhat has the world come to?!?!?!.....Yoou cant even watch a race or go clubbing withOUT FUNK!......Nowadayz everyone has guns....makes me think about getting one and carrying it with me just for precautions!......Theres alot of ways to live your life but only one way to die!.....

actually theres more ways to die.. but im not trying to be a smart ass..
damm im sorry to hear about what just happend.. i havent been going since ppl started getting rowdy
its becoming too much of a sideshow nowdays.....not enough room for the racers and too many idiots gettin " stupid "
It was 2 latin dudes, nonetheless 2 lives lost
People know stuff, I hope they come forward and fess up. We can't have idiots like this on the streets. It could have happened at a shopping mall, it could have been one of your family members.
Was it over the prelude or was there another incident prior to the shooting? I heard there was fight on friday and the next day 2 dudes died...
damn such a sad story .. =T .. i heard it over the news the other day .. i agree with ryan too
Yea, there was a fight on friday. Everyone got in a circle, then cops came and blocked people in.
I dont think the fight had anything to do with this shooting. The fight was between a white dude and an asian dude. Hella shaddy that somebody thinks they can start shit like this at our races, if you wanna go steal cars, go somewhere else, dont come out to the runs over a Prelude, how stupid can you get, probably some cracked out mo-fo thinking he the shit cause he got a gun, fucked up if you ask me. Pour a lil somethin out for the homies on 05/05/05
AllMoterStage3 Wrote:Pour a lil somethin out for the homies on 05/05/05

For sure man. For sho.
very sad news. it seems like the more sideshow folks comming acting dumb at the races = more troublesome. "aye shawty, lets roll deep over dere and rep" stupid fcuks man.

RIP Salvador Lascon & Fernando Lascon. god bless

the runs are getting mroe serious as it goes by, i dont think OPD can do as much as the ppl who attend their. i think the bystanders/racers need to step up and help prevent scenes like this happening again.
too many e-racers here
The fight was a different incident...just some foo's off a pill feelin they self to much getting hella emotional over some bullshit. The shooting was supposedly a car jackin , i cant hate on the sideshow peeps for doin they thang its what they do....but bringing shit from the block to the runs aint coo and all that drama is weak. Nothin we can do to prevent it just be on your shit if you feelin uncomfortable around some cats just move away. Probaly be best to leave the runs alone for a few weeks probaly start up in June.
Yeah i agree that people need to step up and stop this shit. Dont bring that gangsta attitude to the runs. The runs are for racing period. People go there to have fun and rep their cars and it ruins that shit for everyone when people do stupid shit that doesnt involve racing.

Everyone does have to understand though, that as stupid as this shit is
it is oakland and shit like that happens in oakland.
sad sad day

my wishes goes out to the family of the victims, yea times are rough out there, but even with that, i hope we can all use better judgement, hopefully from this tragic incident, it can help all of us reflect on the way we live in society, that if we see some cats in the club, theres no need to out do anyone else or to even prove your toughness, help each other out and get a job, not having to go out and get "yours", hopefully we can use this as a way to come together and treat all of our neighbors with much more repsect
just my two cents - "C"

dont take life for granted, let all your love ones know how you feel about them every now and then Smile peace
On be half of the Lascon Family I would like to thank u all for your wish and we are still asking for people to come foward if they know anything and hope something like this doesn't happen anymore. So if you know something please come forward

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