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Stolen - 240sx s13 coupe (berkeley / 510)
hey guys, our s13 just got stolen within the past day.... we just found out right now.... please keep a look out...

93 240sx coupe (dark green)
16x7 SSR meshies (gold w/ polish lip)
Sparco bucket seat on drivers side
alpine deck
the car is very low
dent on rear passenger side quarter panel

license plate - 3LAD697

if you have any info please contact one of us-
email -

any pic(s)? it would help more cause it'd be more ease to recgonize.

hope the thieve(s) dicks fall off
too many e-racers here
sadly, this is the only pic i have of it... its lower now and has a sparco bucket seat
[Image: ethereals13.JPG]
Is That Jalals S13?
sorry to hear about ur car hope you get it back dude !! keep this in mind kit with local tow yards .. because they could of found it long time ago .. check this out .. my friends car was stolen on a weds they found it on a friday in a parking lot a block away from where it was stolen .. we kept in touch with the police and they gave us no word that they found the car on that friday .. so a week later we get a notice from dmv saying that ur car has been found and has been sitting in a tow yard and now you need to pay a $400 fee .. which is b/s yanno .. so yea .. just kit with local tow yards homie ..
update - car was located fully stripped in newark.... i figure they knew what they were taking... cause it got took in berkeley and ended up in our home area...

well here's a list of parts.
tein type hc coilovers
sparco speed bucket seat (black w/ sun fade on left side)
ssr formula mesh 16x7 +15 offset (BRAND NEW falken ziex ze512 size 205/50/16)
sr20det redtop and tranny
alpine cda 9813
blitz dtt turbo timer (silver)
blitz sbc-id boost controller (silver)

thats probably the most noticable stuff.. thanx for the help guys

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