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Finally finished my Camaro
Hello All, I havn't posted much but I have been around here a lot and at the races all the time. I have a 93 Camaro Z28 which just got a new rebuild. I finally got my engine rebuilt to a 383 Stroker which I have wanted for a long time. I have just about every add on mod you can buy and was wondering around how many pony's she would have. Im currently in germany and she is being shipped to me and I wasn't able to have it dyno'd before it was shipped. Im guessin around 420-450. :bow:
:| Well thank for the replies... *Looks around* Well my car should e done in a few days now and as soon as it gets dyno'd i'll try and post the results for it... I was also wondering though if the throttle body it has now is too small or not.. Im pretty sure it has the stock 48mm one and if the 52 or 58mm would be a better intake.
Generally bigger is usually better than stock. Especially on an engine that is capable of breathing better. It's just another possible bottle neck in the pump. I am not familiar with the throttle bodies on an LT1, but 48mm sounds really small. Like Honda small. I would search places like here for your application:

We've lost most of our domestic knowledge base in the last few months. Hopefully we'll get some of them back eventually.
They're twin 48mm TB's, not just a single blade. And you need to get at LEAST a 52mm TB, but a 58mm TB would be preferable on that motor. I hope you have longtubes and a killer exhaust, as well as other supporting mods or you're not gonna feel as powerful in that motor. What size cam did you put in it and what do the heads flow? LT1 or LT4 castings?
94 Firebird Formula - 13.5@104
05 Neon SRT4 - Bone stock for now...
And "every mod" is very VERY vague. I can think of quite a few things that I could upgrade on that motor I'm sure. I'm willing to bet money you dont have converted SB2.2 Winston Cup heads on there, or a Hogan/Bauer Sheetmetal Intake.
94 Firebird Formula - 13.5@104
05 Neon SRT4 - Bone stock for now...
What kind of heads? Intake (manifold, not that cold air ricer shit) cam? C.R.? Or did you just give some guy a shit load of money and he told you that you have a 400-500 hp car?
Will call you on your BS.
i think he stroked it and left everything stock except bolt ons
Accent_tuner Wrote:domestics have that thing... its called torque.

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