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good bike to buy?
alright, sorry if this has been asked a million times. and i'm really asking this for my friend. he's kinda in a situation where his car is having some major problems, but his parents don't want him to buy a new one till next summer, but they said he could get a bike till then, something cheap about $2500-$3000. he's had dirt bikes and what not in the past so he knows how to ride, but he's never owned a sport bike.

the question is, what would be a good bike that is going to be reliable and is pretty forgiving for a new rider?
anything naked and 600cc or under. Dualsports are good and there are lots of naked bikes like SV650 and GS500.
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'00 Suzuki Bandit 600S
the new gs500f is tight too. its the same thing as a gs500, but with a cowling. and then theres always the ninja500, or he could get a cruiser. they are so so much more comftorable to ride everyday for a long time.
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
look into an fzr 600
suzuki gsxr1300 hayabusa. you can't go wrong; he'll be safe, trust me :wiggle:
sac racer Wrote:suzuki gsxr1300 hayabusa. you can't go wrong; he'll be safe, trust me :wiggle:
Only worth it if he turbos it, otherwise he'll get bored with the lack of power
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01Dakota Wrote:Only worth it if he turbos it, otherwise he'll get bored with the lack of power
and the nitrous. he will need the nitrous to spool the turbo cause of the mad boost he's gotta run.
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
^speaking nitrous'd & turbo'd bikes; My step-brother just set a new personal best on his ZRX1100. 8.59 @ 171mph using his turbo only. He plumbing a new dry sump system to solve some bearing issues he's got right now. And then re-adding his nitrous to try and quelch the extreme intake temps he's running into. Like 300+ temps Ouch! That run was on 32psi. He dyno'd 311hp. He's having to add extra points of lead to his race gas to hold down detonation.

I was hoping to take some pics of it at last week's Nopi event at Moroso, but it got cancelled due to rain. The new schedule is July 15th-17th I think. I'll post them up when I get them.

No wheelie bar, and tagged for the street too.
haha, does he street ride it alot? i have ridden along at 168 MPH on the street in a supra a few times, and i was scared. I cant imagine being on a bike at those speeds on the street.
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
he's gonna look into a GS 500 he liked the style of it.

speaking of turbo bikes, a coworker once brought by a hybusa from his other work place, it was built and turbo'd. i guess the owner was pissed off after all the work was done cause it made too much power, it would just spin the tires in everygear. i found that pretty funny.
o jesus, this has turned into another "my firend/family member did..." thread. Well, this being the case. I have something to top all of y'all!! My dad once did a wheelie on his 800hp xr50 while spinning the tire and drinking a beer! No kidding!!! :wiggle:
Haha, no, he only rides it to occassional bike nights in Gainsville. It's not exactly streetable in its current state.

And I figured somebody would get their panty's in a bunch when I posted his new accomplishment, so that's okay, but I know it's true and have posted pics of the bike on here before when he was still using his nitrous only setup to get into the 8.90's. Like I said above, I'll get pics of him when the he returns for the July event.

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