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goin back to japan again
i leave in about a month. get the skyline reregistered and hopefully get an rb26 swap in the next month or so after that. i have 4 yrs left on my military contract, and after that, its civilian life in iwakuni japan till i die
What are you gonna do after you're contract is over?
"This ain't ninth grade, and no body gives a shit how much you bench." - Ronnie Coleman
get out and get a base job over there
whoa. im heading to ol nippon in feb and possibly sooner if employment oppotunities arise. first thing im doing is get a Cefiro and pimp it!
::Seeya On the Freewayz::
Why pimp a Cefiro... thats just fucking gay. Dont tell me you like that VIP shit these Jap monkies with black tans and blond hair drive. When I see them on the highway I try to run them off the road. They should all die... Firestarter I think you would agree. As stupid as they are.

So... you coming back here huh... Let me know when your in and I will fly you out to Tokyo and we will all throw a baig ass party... I own a appartment on the 46th floor in Tsukishima and it takes up 1/2 of the floor. We party there almost weekly. Let me know.
Longroof Wrote:..... fix your signature. Its annoying me I tryed to but you seem to have yourself protected well
hehe yeah its the wrong board to be posting VIP dreams on... i was more of thinking just some nice rims, dark tints, and lowered.

I was going up there to work but now im just staying for 3 weeks and catching up with old friends.

Ill be in kanagawa for the most part but im hoping to go snowboarding up in hokkaido if funds allow. damn i havent spoken japanese for so sure there going to laugh at my accent
::Seeya On the Freewayz::

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