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cafe racer
Well, my neighbors sister bought a house, and in the shed was a 71 honda sl350. so, i thought it would be cool to build it into a vintage cafe racer. It has factory drum front and rear disk's and toothpick forks. so i ordered a cb550 front end, with the single disk and bigger forks. Ordered some clubman bars, and now i am looking for some used rearsets off any modern honda sportbike (just stock ones) I always liked the look of vintage cafe bikes, and it will match my MGB when i am done with that!
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
Thats hella cool, I love cafe racers

Post some pics if you got 'em
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I dont have any pics of it yet, but as of right now, there isnt much too look at anyways. and i just realized i said drum front brakes and rear disks, but those are drum too.
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
i thought a cafe racer was a biker that goes to starbucks!
why do I always see lots of riders hanging at starbucks?....anyhow what exactly is a cafe racer? it like a scraper,bucket?....(shitty old car)
a cafe racer is the predesessor to the modern crotch rocket. the meaning was originally from the 60's cause cafe racers were guys in london who would hang out at coffee shops/pubs/cafe's with their stripped down street bikes (basically set up in race trim) who would race eachother on the streets. Cafe bikes were usually triumph's BSA's, BMW's, Royal Enfields, Honda's, Kawi's, even the occasional Sportster.

*edit* i am teh suck at html
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.

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