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how many months does a ticket have before it expires?
maybe different states and county's have different rules/laws, but how many months does a ticket/citation have before it will expire in alameda county? are rules different for traffic violations?

im curious to know as also one of my non-moving citations isnt on file. i tried to follow up with it online and it tells me the citation cannot be processed. if it wasnt in the system yet, it wouldve said check back 3 weeks.
Somtimes an officer forgets to turn in, or loses, their copy, of the citation. If this happens, the citation never makes it to the courts. If they never turn it in, it is as if it never happened. Sometimes an officer misplaces their copy and find it later. If so, they submit the citation with an amendment that moves your court appearance in line with the submission date. If the cite has made it to the courts, it never goes away. Sometimes people assume that they don't have a citation because they never got a courtesy notice. I've even seen people in court try and get out of a ticket claiming they never got a notice. If you sign a citation, as opposed to a parking cite on your windshield, that is your notice to appear in court at the date and time stated on the cite. A courtesy notice is just that, a courtesy. You will also have to keep an eye on your DMV registration. The courts notify DMV of failures to pay fines and they can hold up your registration.
is their any time limit for the officer to turn in the citation? (IE: 1 year?)
Not usually. However, if it goes beyond several months most of the time the officer will not re-issue it. If the office does turn it in later, you will usually be notified of a change in court date. If it is just driving you nuts having it hang over your head, you can always call the agency and ask for the officer to call you and ask them about it. That is a crap shoot though as to the outcome.............
It's better to take care of it than to find out months later you have a warrant for your arrest.
I have first hand experience with this one. I was pulled over by a cop and he said he "clocked" me at 32 in a 25 zone. I received the ticket and later showed up to court on the date. I missed work ($110), but they told me that the ticket was not processed yet. I told them at the court that the ticket would go into collections because I don't have time to constantly check on it. I came back 2 weeks later -> same result. I came back 1 month later -> same result. Then I called after another month on Feb. 3 and they said they haven't received the ticket yet. I was extremely busy with school, work, wife, car, etc.... so I figured I'll wait until I get the ticket notice in the mail. After 2 months, I checked again and the court said it was in collections (I wish I had these fortune-telling skills in other areas). They told me it was filed on Feb. 3 I went over to the court and yelled at them and said that all I wanted to do was go to court, say I was not guilty and then have the judge tell me I'm lying and then pay the ticket. I was pissed. I finally filed a petition to the judge explaining everything and he lowered the fine to $110 from $250, but I still do not have the legal right to contest my ticket in a court. All in all I'm pissed because all I wanted to do was go to court and lose, but I never had that option. I never had the option for traffic school and I never even saw a courtroom or judge, but I guess that's fair. :thumbup

Make sure you check your ticket EVERY WEEK (my ticket took 4 months to process Nov. - Feb.) because if you don't you will get fucked. I live in NorCal too.

On another note, the best way to fight a ticket is by writing a document (I think trial be declaration) because while a cop is paid to be in court, he is not paid to do the work against these and there's a much higher chance that you will win. I think there is a website called

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