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Reflective Vinyl, legal?
Something I was always curious about, are cars that have reflective decals, or any other aftermarket reflectors for that matter, illegal? I could definately imagine it being a distraction, but the sticky and some searches haven't brought any definate results up.
24609. (a) A vehicle may be equipped with white or amber reflectors
that are mounted on the front of the vehicle at a height of 15
inches or more, but not more than 60 inches from the ground.

This is for Ca.
Then im assuming something like the car below would be very illegal? [Image: 700927_17_full.jpg]
And thanks for responding so quick SgtGrant.
only vinal id ever put on is reflective, but nah it wouldn't be legal that means
You might have some problems with that. As an aside, why would you want to put something reflective on your car that makes you look like a bling bling Disney float at night?
SgtGrant Wrote:As an aside, why would you want to put something reflective on your car that makes you look like a bling bling Disney float at night?
[Image: common013.gif][Image: common062.gif][Image: common030.gif]bwahahaha.....
No matter what you do , spend or tinker on with your ricer,

Quote:Something I was always curious about

I had seen it on D1 cars, and then on this car off car domain, just curious about the legality of it all.
i like those i seen invisible reflectors on some cars that would only appear at night.....whats the cost of this and who does it?......

anyone else seen them invisible vinyl reflectors

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