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why would a metro ticket go with DMV? help
Hey All,
I just walked into the DMV today, and the guy looked at the computer and said 'where you caught driving without a license?' and i never did and I asked for a copy of the ticket, and it said 'faliure to arrive' for the court day, but that was a ticket I got on the metro! The cop gave me a ticket for having the 'wrong ticket', I had one with no transfer when i should have had one with a transfer, but its a difference of 15 cents. lame. But what really surprises me is that this was issued months ago, and my dad went to compton to clear all this shit up, and he got a RECEIPT saying its was taken care of (in 2004) and i had nothing to worry and the ticket is still there and i gotta go to court ! So if I bring the receipt into court will it all be ok? Thanks
James :hammer3:
yes, bring the receipt in and they should take care of it Taurus Power!!!!!!!111!
good. thanks

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