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Diesel bike..?
I suppose you can't take it to crazy revs, but with 250ft/lbs of torque, this thing would probably be one hell of a wheelie machine.
i had a diesel moped. it had so much tourqe it lifted the front wheel off the ground if you dont lean forward upon taking off. yep and it was only 70cc's. man, that thing was a bitch to start.
The idle speed must be pretty fast aswell?
oldstormowner Wrote:compaired to something like a z300 nissan , a skyline or mazda rx9
and i know skylines are heavy bitches too but there awd makes up for it
Why would the idle speed be fast? Most diesels I see even small ones rev at 600 - 1000 just like any other motor. It will rev to 5500 which is alright but all the torque will be in the low end.
if i want a torque machine i will just ride a buell firebolt xb12r. those thinks are fucking sweet dude.
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
Accent_tuner Wrote:if i want a torque machine i will just ride a buell firebolt xb12r. those thinks are fucking sweet dude.

Yeah those are the muscle cars of sport bikes, I like the way they do their exhaust as well.
2001 Dakota - sold
1998 Honda CBR 600 - stock
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