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Anyone with experience in Wisconsin or Law, cop screwed up!
Hey all, got a racing ticket last night. Here's the rundown, I'm stopped at a light in the far right lane directly behind a new evo who is in the front. I have a harley superglide, obviously not a speed demon, but not bad for a cruiser either, she gets up and goes alright. So the light turns green and I follow off the evo a little close just to let him know I'm game, well, he takes the bait and takes OFF! I nail on it as soon as I see him go, but he already had a car length or two on me from the disadvantage I was at from being behind him to start, however he never pulled on me from there. Anyways, I'm now in the middle lane w/ him still in the right, and we get up to about 75 before he brakes hard, so I follow suit, and damn, sure enough, a cop sitting right on the side of the road! Anyway, I start to slow down hard and I let the evo pass me so that I can get in the right lane and stop, the evo keeps going, probably thinking the cop would just stop me, but the cop goes around me and stops the evo about 1 1/2 blocks down. I should have just made the u-turn right there and left the highway, I'd have been home free (unless the cop got my plate, which is exactly why I didn't!) So, about 3-4 minutes later, the cop backs up to me and tells me to pull into the parking lot the evo's in. I pull in and basically, to make this a little shorter, he gives us both 6 point, $288 racing tickets. He didn't nail me for riding at night/no helmet w/ a learners permit however (I love military fringe benefits) The cop was actually very civil towards me and said that he wished he could help me more, but that if he was going to tag the other driver for racing, obviously he'd have to tag me too, and I understand that. Here's where it gets trickey though. In giving me a break for the learners permit thing, the cop screwed up the ticket. He put down my regular drivers liscence info (number, class D, etc.) but, he put my learners permit expiration date which is 2005, my actual drivers liscence expires 2010. Also, my drivers liscence is updated with my new address, where my learners permit just has the dot issue piece of paper on the back with the new address written on to it, the cop wrote my old address on the ticket too. So, to any aspiring l(or acomplished) lawyers in the crowd, whaddaya think, do I have a shot to get it dismissed on that? What advice could you give me for getting this ticket reduced as much as possible. I'm sure if I go to court and plead guilty, I'll probably get a 4pt. speeding ticket, but I'm hoping for something more along the lines of a 2pt or non-moving violation, anyone have any ideas or things that worked for them? I don't know about fighting the ticket because that's going to be really hard to prove I wasn't racing. I appreciate any help!
o yea, thanks for reading my novel! :hammer3:
Just so you know, you don't have to prove that you weren't racing, the cop has to prove that you were racing.
throw yourself on the mercy of the court. your pretty fucked man, all that shit about them getting stuff wrong doesnt matter since it can all be updated by the officer after the court date. Just tell the court your really sorry you did what you did, and everyone does something dumb every once in awhile. as long as you dont have hella tickets they may go easy on you.
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
1) you were racing. 2) despite the errors on the ticket, you can still be easily identified as the person that committed the offenses. 3) (to xDameiNx) if it's the officer's word against yours, the judge will side with the officer pretty much every time.

i agree with accent tuner.

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