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license suspension request for restriction?
so i had a restriction from a speed contest.. thats 2 points ..could only drive from school and to work only.. now that i have another ticket waiting for me .. and i cant take traffic school cus i taken it before the 6 months ... so thats makes it 3 or 4 points.. i know sooner or later there going to suspend my license for 6 months.. is there any way i can request a restriction for 6 months to go school and go work? .. by talking to the dmv or the judge will they let me off with a restriction?
You can ask but the judge may look over you record and see the ammount of violations and say tuff *SHIT*. They have no obligation to let you drive to work or school since you should have been following the law in the first place... Big Grin never had to worry too much about my points cause I always seemed to spread em out far enough. But yeah I would ask em, even if they don't want to yank your license, you may want to in show of good faith to lower the ammount for the ticket.
I believe the judge has no say in wiether or not the drivers license is taking, the dmv is the one that decides that. The dmv will send you a notice stating the date and for the reason(s) are. Then you should be able to request a specil hearing to be heard by a dmv rep in charge of deciding yes or no. He will ask you about all your offenses and the details of what happend them offer you a chance to exsplain why they should not take it, just tell them about your school and work and such and hope that when you recieve the notice of decision in the mail they agree that you need it.
Since you were already on that very restriction when you got another ticket, I'd say your chances are slim to none.
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