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I got my second ticket
Okay I got a speeding ticket that was written for 19 over and got it dismissed
after going to driving school and paying the court costs. Well i got another one in a different county last month and i have to go to court tomorrow.
was wondering since the first one never went to DMV, would the other court
know about it and possibly give me driving school again? how would they
know? what records would it be on?
they will know. stop speeding.
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
:hammer3: I know, i pulled my driving record last night. yay it's on there.
300.00 + ticket. im excited. woo hoo. :lame:

too many e-racers here
i got a nice judge, he said i only had to pay 75.00. the ticket was originally 320.00

i am glad i went to court and didn't just pay it Smile
now stop speeding.
1974 MGB - running again, well... starting.
i think i will this time, that would be a good thing. Smile
and i now know that my dad can't get me out of all tickets. Sad
It might be wise to slow down. Ive had 2 tickets that Ive had to pay for and it isnt fun. So slow down or buy a radar detector.
radar detectors are illlegal in virginia, if i got caught with that i would really get in trouble, better just to do the right thing and change my driving habits.
i guess since im 27 and up till this past xmas never got a ticket i was only
lucky. now i've gotten two in 7 months i guess it got my attention. lol

thanks for all the thoughtful insight guys. :thumbup

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