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Check out my Trans Am
Just thought this would be a good place to post a little bit about my car.


This is my 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. My dad picked it up for me when I turned 16 years old. It was not running, the 403 that was in it was blown, the 4 speed transmission was missing, and the hood / shaker unit where damaged. We looked into re-building the Olds 403, but for the same price to rebuild the Olds 403 I could get a 7.5 litre 455, so instead we just picked it a 455 and a new 4 speed transmission, a few weeks later I was able to locate a hood, it was not the traditional Trans Am / shaker hood, it was the cheaper 80/81 Turbo Trans Am hood.

I drove the car like that for about 5 months, untell I had a paint shop strip the paint and give me a good coat of primer.

The 455 has a very mild build up that incudes an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, Edelbrock 760cfm carburator, Hooker Compition headers, Compition Cams complete camshaft kit, MSD A6L ignition with built in rev limiter, dual 2.5 inch exhaust into H pipe, into some very quiet Magna-Flow mufflers.

Here is a photo of the Trans Am

[Image: IMG01.jpg]
You should probably indroduce your car in the same thread as you introduced yourself, but its cool, its not like theres a next time for introducing yourself.

Nice ride, seems like you've put alot of work into it.
oldstormowner Wrote:compaired to something like a z300 nissan , a skyline or mazda rx9
and i know skylines are heavy bitches too but there awd makes up for it
Import Hater Wrote:No T/A is complete without a full blown, smokey and the bandit style, screaming chicken decal on the hood. Remedy this ASAP.

LOL, amen to that. :guitar:
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hopefully you live somewhere where there is no smog laws.
When it comes time to smog, I have noooooo idea how I pass :lol: but I pass, and for some reason, I walk away from the smog station $200 lighter then before... funny huh? :thumbup
We need brody pics. Now.
94 Firebird Formula - 13.5@104
05 Neon SRT4 - Bone stock for now...
What kinda pics????
So you want me to have a friend take a photo of the car as I lose contorl of it and slide around a corner into an guard rail... yeah real smart.
If you're gonna lose control doing a powerslide around a turn, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your choice of a RWD big block 4 speed powered car on skinny crappy tires.

I've "drifted" one time and lost control, and that was because i took a onramp WAY too fast and hit a wet spot. I'll never drive fast around a turn on the highway again. Maybe a racetrack, but not on a public road. But brody's arent fast, you just spin the tires and go around a turn, countersteering to keep control and controlling the rear end with your right foot.
94 Firebird Formula - 13.5@104
05 Neon SRT4 - Bone stock for now...
#6 Once you realize you have succeeded in getting away with said maneuver scream out "YeeeeHAAAAAAAAWWWWWW MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" at the top of your lungs. And proceed to peel out into the sunset and type your experience into your favorite online streetracing site for all to enjoy.

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