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Help with a 383
I've posted before that I was rebuilding my 383 and finially got home check it out for myself. This is when all the fun started. He adjusted the vavles at it was running awsome till we started to slow down and exit the freeway. It started tapping very loudly and ran like shit. So the next day when I show up he said one of the springs snapped. No major harm done so replaced it and then adjusted all the valves again. It was awsome again and then started to get a lil sluggish tonight. Now here's where it got me confused for a while. I was bumpin my 4 10's in the back and then I noticed the engine was running smoother. She runs awsome now, plenty of power but still in first gear it feels a lil sluggish from the get go. Could there be a loose chip in my ECU? I narrowed down a small tick I heard to the exhaust at the header so that shouldn't be a big problem. Not a huge leak. I biggest concern is the vavles. It seems like they didn't take the adjustment ad are off a lil bit. I watched him adjust every one till it stopped ticking and then went another 1/8 so they're exactly how they need to be. Any suggestions?
what kind of cam? Solid/roller/Hyd...... specs?
Will call you on your BS.
Im callin Speed Merchnt on Monday to get all the specs for the engine... I know the first cam they tried to put in it though hit the valves when they turned it over by hand so I don't know what one they added in after that. Just sucks cause I have been out of the loop for the most part while my car was in the shop. Only bad thing about being in another country and having a car worked on.

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