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Pop goes my tire!
This weekend I went away with some friends and on the way back I punctured my rear tire. I was doing about 200km/h when it happened but because of the speed I didn't notice until I got back into the twisties and the back end was all over the place.

Pulled over and was luckily picked up by a guy in Ram 3500. Got the tire patched today and noticed that it has bubbles/blisters all on the sides of the tire. So now I'm looking for a new rear tire, the current tire is a Dunlop sportmax D208 170/60ZR (17'' rim). I don't need anything special just something that I can ride on safely and has some decent grip, any suggestions on what I should go with? How much should I be paying for a decent tire? has a couple in the $120.00 range, are these gonna be decent tires? Should I just get the same tire that I already have on the bike? I'm me out.
2001 Dakota - sold
1998 Honda CBR 600 - stock
North American Engine & Transmission

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