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Dnr Headwork?
I was just wondering if anyone here has gotten there cylinder head port n polish by DNR in Hayward?
DNR is the best
Do they have a website?
I know Dave does some good stuff, but here is another local shop in Santa Clara that does amazing work as well. They also do all of their own flow bench work in house. I just had my head done by Don Redmon and it flows like a hurricane. I can't believe the CFM he got out of my B16 head and all of the ports match within a 1/10 of a cc. Flow benching in critical to get the same amount of combustion across all 4 cylinders. I picked up 27 HP from porting and flow benching alone. That was before the full valve train and cam work. He also offers a full line of thermal coating. Check out his website, you will be impressed.
how much did replika cost? and how long was the wait
Replika is pricey but well worth the wait and the results. My head took about three weeks to complete. Porting took about 15 hours and it spent 35 hours on the flow bench fine tuning each port to match the others. The basic head package for a 4 cylinder engine starts at $995 and goes up to $3000 depending on how wild you want to get. Call Don at Replika Maschinen if you have any questions on pricing at 408-986-8626. Please let me know if you have any other questions on my head.
how much did you end up spending to achieve those type of results? because 27HP sound very nice to me!
I went all out. I chose the stage 3 package and added the stanless valves, titanium retainers, double valve springs, full port reconstruction and port mapping, stock cams with a custom grind including a cryo treatment for hardening, multi-angle valve cut and a full line of thermal coating including the outside surface, combustion chamber, intake ports, exhaust ports, and valve heads for a price of $3,100. Pricey, I know, but worth every penny when you are trying to squeeze every last drop of power out of a honda motor.
it seems worth it to me...thanks for the feedback! so whats the setup on the motor?
Replika is one of the best in California. They have over 30 years experience. It's better to spend a little more money and have it done right. Here is more info on them.
I figured I would just copy and paste a mod list for you. Happy reading. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Jackson Racing SuperCharger
Jackson Racing Boost Upgrade Crank Pulley (11 pounds)
Jackson Racing Boost Upgrade Blower Pulley (3.8 inch)
Jackson Racing Fuel Pump
Jackson Racing Straight Pipe
Jackson Racing Thermostat (160 F)
Jackson Racing Lightened Guide Pullies
Jackson Racing Map Sensor Boost Conversion
GSR transmission
Hondata 4B stand alone system
P28 Hondata Chiped ECU
RC 440 Injectors
Skunk 2 OBD1 Conversion Harness
NOS Autometer Gauge
Custom NOS Carbon Fiber Switch Plate
Comptech 4-2-1 Headers (ceramic coated)
AEM Short Ram Intake
MSD 6A Ignition
MSD Blaster SS Coil
MSD Blaster Cap
MSD 8.5 mm Wires
Hondata Launch Control System
Hondata Full Throttle shift system
Denso Uridium Plugs
Superior Friction Custom 6Puck Clutch (Kevlar/Copper)
Superior Fricton Custom Pressure Plate
Superior Friction Lightened Alluminum Flywheel
JDM Valve Cover
Greddy Evolution Cat Back Exhaust
Flowtech RaceReady Exhaust Dump
Cusco Oil Catch Tank
DC Short Shifter
DC Oil Cap
DC Battery Tie
STR Oil Dipstick
B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge
Polished OEM Fuel Regulator
B18 Intake Temp Sensor
C&R Radiator and Fan

Motor Rebuild

Ferrea stainless oversized (thermal coated) exhaust valves
Ferrea stanless (thermal coated) intake valves
Ferrea Double springs
Ferrea Titanium retainers
CP Custom pistons (ceramic and dry film coated)
CP rings
Crower Connecting rods
Replika Maschinen Stroker Kit (cryo treated)
AEM Cam Gears
JG Edelbrock Throttle Body (65mm)
ARP Head studs
O-ringed Block
Thermal Coated Head
Thermal Coated Block
Replika Maschinen Baffeled Oil Pan
Cryo treated Cams
Cryo treated cam plates
Ported Blower Manifold (thermal coated)
Ported Blower S Pipe (thermal coated)
Thermal Coated blower (reassembled by Magnussen)
Multi-angle valve cut
Ported Head (coated, flow benched)
Ported OEM oil pump (thermal coated)
Toda Oil Pump Gear
OEM Water Pump
Power Timing belt
Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket


17" Bronze Rota Subzeros
Kuhmo 205/40/17
Skunk 2 Coilovers
Skunk 2 Rear Launch Springs (900 Lb)
JDM upgraded SiR sway bars
JDM upgraded SiR control arms
Tokico HP Shocks
Double over OEM Strut bar
DC Strut Bar
DC Tie Bar
Benen Front Lower Tie Bar
Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts
Energy Suspension Shifter Mounts
Prothane Upper left and right Urathane Mounts
Progressive Camber Kit
Brembo Rotors
Modified callipers(painted red)
Brembo Brake pads
ARP extended wheels studs
Goodridge SS brake lines
Open end racing lugnuts
how much power are you putting out with that setup and have you timed it yet?
It has yet to go on the dyno but an educated guess would be right around 300 HP at 10 pounds of boost. Since this car is no longer set up for drag it wont be hitting any straight aways any time soon. It was built more for course racing. Again, an educated guess on 1/4 mile times would be right around 12.9's. This is all estimated though.

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