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Windshield Replacement?
Does anyone have a hook up or know where I can get my windshield replaced around san jose or in the bay for a really good price? Looking for somewhere around $100 less or more. Please let me know.
did you try pick n pull?
hey i was wondering about this too but..
i want the full window replacement Sad
also if you know a place not trippen about price but.. can they put that black stuff around the window? i forget whats it called but yeah my car right now the front window does not have that black rubber thing around the window >_<
100 is really cheap i think your going to spend about 250 from the mobile guys
I spend my lunch money on mods
theres a place on commercial near pick n pull that hooks it up
Check out Beeline Glass in Hayward on Mission.
try the place that does illegal smogs for 50 bucks
HungryHippo Wrote:try the place that does illegal smogs for 50 bucks
LOL! i dont think you can even get a LEGAL smog for that much unless your in lodi/stockton.

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